We just finished three more Spagyrics in our Agarwood series, and each is an individual, unique expression of this very special wood. If you are new to the wonders of Agarwood, read this article for background information on this precious tree and the first Spagyric we made from it, or read on for information about the newest Spagyrics in this line.

agirjayIrian Jaya Agarwood (shown at left) comes from the Indonesian island of New Guinea, north of Australia. As an incense, Irian Jaya is less sweet and fruity than other Agarwoods, showing a sharper quality of grassy and bready notes.

Irian Jaya Magistery is the most assertive of the Agarwoods we’ve worked with so far, filling the third eye with energy and electricity, opening it and yet quieting the brain at the same time. This Spagyric also brings a strong connection between the brain and heart, and opens the inner ear to the subtle aspects of etheric sound.

Malaysian Agarwood is from the border of Malaysia and Thailand, in southeast Asia. As a scent, it is very sweet, with hints of molasses, tobacco and peach.

Our Alchymical Initiatic of the Malaysian also brings heightened awareness of inner and etheric sounds, but enlivens the thoughts and mind much more than the Irian Jaya. The Malaysian is also very center-oriented, focusing mental awareness in the center of the brain, and body awareness in the Middle Pillar, the column connecting the base of the spine and crown.

Sumatran Agarwood comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, west and south of the southeast Asian peninsula. This Agarwood is light, scented with precious wood notes and fresh earth.

The Alchymical Initiatic of Sumatran Agarwood has a very soft energy, quieting to the body and peacefully moving into the auric field. This Initiatic creates a great clarity in the thoughts, and opens the lungs and breathing to a more free and flowing state.

We’re very pleased to be able to work with these very special woods in our laboratory, and we’re quite proud of the resulting Spagyrics. All would be excellent additions to spiritual work and meditation, and each of them carries its own special facet of the beautiful sacred intelligence that lives in Agarwood.

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