Note that this sale has expired; we’re leaving the post up so that the information about these Spagyrics is available. To see what’s currently on sale, go to our store.

All around us we see the signs of Autumn: leaves fall from the trees, plants pull their vitality deep into their roots, the sun dips lower on the horizon each day, and all the earth seems to be calling Nature’s energies back into itself from the expansion of the season before.

Animals, including us humans, feel it too- our bees are busy sealing up their hives with propolis to keep them clean and warm, our dog sleeps late most mornings, and it’s a bit harder for us to get up and going each day, too.

Of course, we all still have work to do, and since we have artificial lights and heat to keep us cozy all year, we don’t have to hibernate like bears. But, we can take our cue from the energy of the season and turn inward a bit, using this time of pause to create a meditative space in our lives.

That space allows us the room to review our year so far, focus the mind and Will on our goals for the year to come, and also to just recharge our minds and bodies with some calm. Better sleep, improved immune health, emotional balance, and true vital energy are all proven rewards of meditation, available to all of us.

To support this work, we’re having a sale on our favourite Spagyrics for meditation and inner work, which you can see listed in our store, here, or read about below.

On the calming side of things, Jatamansi is our newest Spagyric, bringing peace and balance to overstimulated mental states, as we discussed in this detailed article.

Sandalwood is well known as a fragrant incense, and as we’ve told so many of you, it’s also very helpful used internally. It clears what Ayurveda calls “monkey mind”- that mental state in which the thoughts are scattered and chattering like a monkey. The quiet “hush” that Sandalwood brings to the mind is almost instant with our Spagyric, and the empty state it brings is welcome for Zen or blank mind meditation.

Gotu Kola also brings calm to the mind, but it sharpens the awareness and doesn’t empty the thoughts as much as Sandalwood. This is useful for meditation that needs some mental power, such as chanting Mantras or meditation for artistic insights.

Sugandi, whose name means “fragrant”, has an incense-like taste and a similarly purifying effect in the mind. It is very sharpening to the awareness, clearing out muddled thoughts and distractions and supporting mindfulness and thought-awareness.

Shankhpushpi has quickly become a favourite of ours and our customers, acting in a very intelligent way to uplift low emotional states, while calming anxious ones. It has an affinity for the upper chakras of the head, and brings a contemplative state that is beyond thought.

For an even stronger elevation of your inner energy, our Saffron feels like a flower growing up through the spine and opening on the crown. Sattvic, or ethereal, in energy, it clears the subtle channels of the body and gives access to a higher perspective on life.

Saffron features in two of our Somalixirs, each supporting a different approach to the wisdom of the higher self.

Abra-Melin is based on an incense formula from a fifteenth century magical text, in which a ritual is taught that culminates in contact with one’s Holy Guardian Angel. This formula is powerful within a ritual context, drawing strong connections between the self and the Self in a very Western and Gnostic way.

Bodhi contains some Abra-Melin in it, but it is tempered by spiritual plants from Eastern traditions, and it takes a more receptive approach to connecting with the higher aspects of being. Rather than drawing the Angel down to converse with the practitioner, the meditator is elevated to a higher perspective in which the insights there become useful for life on the mundane level of being.

Connecting the physical and subtle bodies is an important goal for the Yogic breath practice of Pranayama, and our Prana Somalixir supports this work. The air and the life force it carries flow through the body effortlessly, and are more available for healing and energy work.

Uncle Al, named after the (in)famous occultist Aleister Crowley, is another Somalixir which supports the coherent connection of subtle and physical. This formula was given to Crowley by Nepalese magicians, and he used it to create a Body of Light for astral travel and dreamwork.

After all your practice is done, Surrender is a great Somalixir for letting go of obstacles and restrictions so that the universe can take care of the flow in the wisest way. We call this the “get out of your own way” Spagyric, and we all know how hard, and yet important, that is.

Finally, to support a lovely open, relaxed state of awareness in waking meditation or dreaming, our Waterlilies Somalixir will help you relax, stretch, take a deep breath, and float away blissful. Like the current of a deep river, Waterlilies helps you be aware of your own circulating energies so that you can direct them for healing work.