We’re at an intensely important and sometimes awful moment in the world right now, and I am sometimes at a loss about what I can do that will actually help. So many things seem wrong with our society, and so many people are either ignoring the problems or actively making them worse. It’s easy to feel powerless and hopeless.

But then I remember all our years setting up at fairs and festivals, many of them centered around change and social action, and I think about all the people who came through our booth looking for support with their work, hundreds of individuals acting in small, local ways that together, added up to the many positive changes we’ve seen over the years. To be sure, that work hasn’t made a perfect world (yet!), but life is better for many people in many ways that were made possible by the activists we’ve met over the years.

I like to think that we had some small part in supporting them- with energy boosters and immune tonics when their bodies were worn, and with cheering tonics and nerve soothers when their emotions were ragged. And while it can be discouraging to think about just how long we and our allies have been trying to make the world better, there’s some comfort in knowing that the plants will always be there to support us, and that we know how to call on them.

Thinking about the people we met, and the new generations of activists we see on social media, I see a few categories of work that folks step into, each according to their own abilities and affinities. Remembering people from each of these approaches and what we offered them as support, I’ve put together a collection of Spagyrics to help us all continue to work towards a better world for all of us. I hope you see yourself in some of these characters, and that you find support and energy for the best you have to offer from your own unique character.

The Visionary

It all starts here in the mind of those that see a bit further than the rest. Tapped into spiritual insights, or ancestral wisdom, or just their own best instincts, these people help us see that better things are possible. Without them, we might not even look up from the daily grind we can get mired in.

The first herb I think of for a brighter vision of the future is Tibetan Rhodiola. This herb was traditionally used as a divinatory plant for battle, helping the warrior monks see strikes to be avoided and movements to make to be safe. It’s also a very cheering plant, increasing endorphins and bringing happiness, and those influences combine to make our Tibetan Rhodiola Initiatic a great support for seeing a positive future ahead.

Clary Sage has  long history of “clearing the eye” and facilitating second sight in scrying, meditation, and dreams, and it can bring awareness of energy currents to tap into, as well as more literal and mundane visions of upcoming events. Our Clary Sage Magistery is perfect for gazing into another time or place to gather insight and wisdom for the here and now.

Finally, to make sure the visions and goals we act on will be aligned with the highest good, our Abra-Melin Somalixir connects you to your highest being, whether you experience that as the Holy Guardian Angel of the original incense formula, or as a higher, better, or future version of yourself. Using this Somalixir in meditation or ritual can bring communion with this being and conversation with them to bring guidance, while taking it on a daily basis aligns all actions, large and small, with the best energies of the current you’re tapped into.

The Communicator

Once the vision is gathered, it needs to be shared with the community so that we all carry the work together. People with a natural gift for communication make great speakers or speechwriters, website and document writers, and media liaisons for their movements. This role requires eloquence, a sharp mind, and an open flow between the words of the moment and the higher cause they are in service to.

Hibiscus is well known as a delicious, cooling tea, and in Ayurveda, it is called Japa, which is also the name for a spiritual practice with Mantra. In that practice, this red flower is said to help realize the purpose of the Mantra and actualize its energy in the world. Our Hibiscus Initiatic helps charge any speech with more sacred and effective energy, and it’s sharpening to the mind and cooling to hotheadedness, making it perfect for clear communication even with difficult audiences.

Rose is usually thought of as a plant of love and sexual energy, which it is, but it’s also a powerful flower for magnetizing the imagination and creating beauty through any medium of communication. Loved by artists, our Rose Magistery is also excellent for making speech more compelling, elegant, and persuasive by invoking beauty through words and tone.

On a more mundane level, communicators need to both use and protect the voice so that it will continue to be effective for years to come. Licorice root supports the throat and lungs as an anti-inflammatory to those tissues and a tonic to their function and the air that they draw in and use to make sound. Our Licorice Essence is also an immune balancer and helps prevent run down energy during long nights and busy days.

The Unifier

The diversity of the left side of the political spectrum holds our strength, but it’s also a challenge for organizers who need to bring many different people together for a common goal. Part of the efficacy of right-wing movements is their homogeneity, which makes organizing easier and common action more unified. To keep our strength in diversity but also be more effective, we need to call upon more harmony in our ranks, and Unifiers can help with this.

Our Heart Opener Somalixir was created to help open the heart and center the awareness there as a source of wisdom and compassion. Over the years, we’ve seen it help bridge all kinds of divides and conflicts, from couples fighting to groups that can’t find common cause to overcome petty divisions. Recognizing the humanity and sacredness in all the beings around you, even the difficult ones, helps us unite and see the improvements we all want and can create when we work together.

To work on a more subtle level, harmonizing different outlooks, beliefs, energies and approaches, we created our Unity Somalixir. We designed it to create an open state, free from boundaries and separation, open to transpersonal feelings of oneness in group work. It’s a popular Somalixir with spiritual groups, from Yoga ashrams to church congregations, and it’s connection of the individual to something larger supports political organizing, as well.

When conflicts arise, as they inevitably will, the Unifiers will need to smooth everything over and get everyone back to working together again. Returning peace after an argument is one of the gifts of the Kava Kava root, a sacred plant of Polynesia, used as a sacrament for social bonding. Calming and euphoric, our Kava Kava Essence helps people let go of anger and step out of adversarial energy and back into connected cooperation.

The Fighter

Now that we have a vision to unify behind, the next step is action. This can mean anything from phone calls to our representatives to media blitzes to street protests, all of which need an energy of determination and passion. Especially when the activist is putting their safety on the line for a cause, a strong constitution and dedication to the mission are needed to keep the inner fire burning.

A native plant of our area embodies the strength of will needed to be a defender of what you believe in- Devil’s Club. This spiny Ginseng relative of the old forests was hated by settlers as it made logging much more difficult. A keystone species of the old growth forests, to the First Nations of this area, Devil’s Club represented strength and the right use of power, and our Devil’s Club Spiritualized Essence has helped many people get their fight back after illness or trauma. Like the bear that it is associated with, Devil’s Club helps you fight for what you love.

Our next plant is on the opposite end of the spectrum visually and energetically, but it’s still a great teacher about Mars and his fiery passions. Hummingbird Plant was revered by the Aztecs as the food that the spirits of slain warriors eat in the afterlife, allowing them to transform their warlike natures into the beauty of the hummingbird. Our Hummingbird Plant Initiatic carries a balance of fire and strength with sweetness and light, the perfect expression of the iridescent little birds that it is named for.

As active and vital as justice warriors need to be, we also sometimes need to take a stand, to be steady and unmoving in the face of negative influences. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the mineral medicine Dragon Bone is used to stabilize the Shen, the peaceful strength that resides in the heart. Our silly slogan for our Dragon Bone Initiatic is “hold your own with Dragon Bone”, and its Saturnine energy really invokes that ability. When external forces try to buffet you one way and then another, this Initiatic can help you remain centered in purpose and unmovable in your convictions.

The Healer

This is the role closest to my heart, since it’s the way we have worked to support activist, creatives, and people of all paths through our Spagyrics. The Healer offers energy, medicine, time, and tonics to the people around them so they can be effective as visionaries, communicators, unifiers, and fighters. Like all the other roles, this is a calling that connects to the deepest nature of a person, but which often leads to them giving away more energy than they have to spare. The next few Spagyrics are aimed at supporting the Healer, keeping their energy clear and vital, and making sure their own cup is full even as they pour out so much for others.

Sacred Lotus is associated with Quan Yin, she who hears the cries of the world, and it is a flower of compassion and love for all beings. It’s also a flower of purity and the coolness of discernment that helps us see the troubles around us from an elevated perspective. With our Lotus Initiatic helping us center there, we can share compassion and aid to those who need it, without giving away too much of ourselves or being dragged down by the negativity we encounter.

Healers often engage with people in dire need and full of turmoil, and that chaos can rub off and effect them if clear boundaries aren’t maintained. Our Oil of Baltic Amber creates a protective field around you, allowing connection and exchange of energies, but without taking home everyone else’s “stuff”. It also helps make sure that whatever you offer is coming through you, not from you. It’s also a support to the Shen, the peaceful strength that resides in the heart and which protects our vital energies from depletion.

Finally, some cheer and uplift in the form of our Melissa Spiritualized Essence. This plant, beloved by Paracelsus, has a bright lemony taste and expansive, jovial energy that opens and relaxes the body and the mind. It’s the best remedy when things get you down, and we’ve relied on it so many times to bring us back to a state of optimism, lightheartedness and determination.

I hope this collection of Spagyrics and the plant intelligences they carry helps to inspire and support you in whatever work you do to make the world a better place- dose up and carry on!

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