Dreamflights & Travels

Reports from the last Oneironauticum are posted over at Urban Dreamscape, and it sounds like [...]

Initiatics : what to expect

In our first article, I ranted a little about the general set of expectations that [...]

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Initiatics : what NOT to expect

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a rant. So, we get a call from [...]


Rest in peace, Michael

We just found out the sad news that the great herbalist, teacher, and plant elder [...]


Silene : Dreaming in White

The first Oneironauticum in San Francisco had the dreamers working with our Spagyric Initiatic of [...]

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Join us in the Dreamtime

Urban Dreamscape and the Oneironauticum are fascinating projects connecting the dream experience with life in [...]

Friends & Allies

As always, we had great fun talking with Caroline Casey on KPFA yesterday! If you [...]

Amber : the Electric Fossil

Revered since ancient times, Amber has been used in jewelry, medicine, and trade for thousands [...]


Sharing the Soma

If you have stopped by our booth at an event, you’ve been in a vibrant, [...]


The Energy of the Lab – Part 1

As we practice it, Alchemy is part of the Hermetic tradition of Western spirituality. This [...]