Everybody Hurts : part two

In the first article in this series, I discussed some classic painkilling herbs from our [...]

Continuum of Healing : thoughts on coronavirus responses

Our first round of Spagyric Essences to address the global health crisis we’re all experiencing [...]

Finding Calm in the Storm

It’s pretty scary out there right now. I’ll admit to more than one freakout in [...]


Spagyrics for Immune Support

Immune support- it’s a hot topic right now! Although we will admit the news is [...]

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Weed Love : Turkey Tail

As I posted on Facebook a while back, our winter storms can be intense and [...]

Everybody Hurts (sometimes)

A few weeks ago, a dear friend asked me for some help with the chronic [...]

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Trickster Medicine for Imbolc

Greetings tricksters and allies! I’m so glad you’ve joined us for our mid-winter/end-of-winter collaboration! We [...]

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Waterflower Medicine

Waterlilies and Lotuses are some of my favourite flowers, so I was happy to talk [...]


Welcome to the Venus Circle!

To those of you who listened to my presentation- thank you! And thank you again [...]

Power of Inspiration Radio : Listen to our Talk

Just before Thanksgiving, I was a guest on Julia Griffin’s show, The Power of Inspiration [...]