Join us for our new class series as we share our work with Alchemy and Spagyrics in healing, magick, spirituality, and life!

Taught by Micah Abraxas Nilsson, these classes draw on her 33 years of experience in herbalism, Alchemy and Spagyrics, and the weaving of connection between plants, people, and the intelligence of Nature. Full of beautiful imagery, unique insights, and detailed information, we think you’ll enjoy attending as much as we enjoy presenting.

Classes will run 90-120 minutes, and will be every seven weeks, held on Saturdays at 11 am Pacific US time. Tuition is $15 per class, and includes the live class where you can participate and ask questions, as well as a replay you can watch as often as you like for two weeks after the live class.

Our 2024 class list is below, with exact dates added as they are finalized. For the most up-to-date details, as well as registration information, sign up for our mailing list or watch Micah’s Instagram and Facebook teaching pages.


Body, Spirit & Soul in Healing

June 29, 2024
11:00-12:30 PDT

Paracelsus’ three levels of being are the core of our work with Spagyrics, and they’re a wise paradigm for understanding healing work with plants. In his writings, he taught that not every imbalance is physical, and medicines should meet our energies where they most need healing. Our own system derived from these teachings is unique among herbal companies, and this class will help you learn to use it to best effect in your work.

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Planetary Materia Magicka

August 17, 2024
11:00-1:00 PDT

The intelligences of the planets speak to us through the properties of all things on earth, especially plants. In return, we can link our own workings to that great chain of being by calling on the heavenly intelligences through the plants ruled by each planet. In this lecture, I’ll share several plants I feel express each planet’s energy for healing and magickal work, along with supportive plants to fine-tune their actions. This is a great stand-alone class, and also a foundation for the more detailed ritual and talismanic work in the next in the series.

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Inner Talismans, Outer Medicines

October 5, 2024
11:00-1:00 PDT

Spagyric work is based on the same correspondences, timings, and techniques as talismanic magick, and we create our Spagyrics as living talismans of the plants and planets they invoke. In this class, we will explore ways of using Spagyric extracts in ceremony and ritual practice, where they can act as enlivening herbal emissaries to charge candles, tools, sigils, and more. Plus, they have the added ability to tone your inner temple to the same quality you’re evoking outwardly- a key part of success in this work. This class is a great in-depth and practical application of the ideas introduced in the Planetary Materia Magicka class.

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Frankincense & Myrrh

Late November

Start your Holiday celebrations with this deep dive into the lore, healing, spirituality and magick of these classic resins. More than just pleasing smells, Frankincense and Myrrh have been revered for millennia for their powerful gifts on all levels of work. From Frankincense in the “opening of the mouth” ritual to enliven statues with the spirits of Gods, to Myrrh as a doorway between the material and immaterial expression of magickal spells, we will explore several varieties of each resin and the best uses for the special properties of each one.