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As we move into the cool, wet seasons of late fall and winter, it’s a good time to think about building our body’s defenses. Just as a well-insulated and solid house stays cozy in the cold, and free of drafts and water even when it’s stormy out, so our most personal home can be shored up and strengthened so our inner hearth stays warm and we move through the season in health.

For most of you, it should be early enough in the season to start building proactively with immune tonic herbs, saving the stronger immune stimulants like Echinacea and Osha for later, if at all. Now is the time to think about good nutrition, plenty of rest and fluids, and a few Spagyrics to support healthy immune response in the months to come.

We’ve put a few of our favourite immune tonics on sale- click here to go to our store’s sale page, or read on for more information.

Medicinal mushrooms of all kinds are perfect for this season, and Nature shows us this as they “mushroom” out of forest duff, logs, and soil all around us this time of year! Three of our sale Spagyrics rely on our fungal allies, each in a unique way.

Turkey TailSix Mushrooms Formula is an Essence-level Spagyric, working on the Salt/Body level of being. It is made of six nutritional and medicinal powerhouse mushrooms, from the nourishing Maitake and Shiitake to the strong protection of Turkey Tail (shown at left) and Agaricus blazei.

Cordyceps directs healing to the respiratory system and brings energy-boosting qualities, while Reishi rounds out the higher levels of the formula with its calming and elevating spiritual energy.

Shroomtastic is a very fungal-tasting Somalixir, made at the tonic Mercury/Spirit level of being to connect with the balancing, adapting intelligence of the whole system. Shroomtastic is made of nine different mushrooms, including Cordyceps and Turkey Tail, along with Spirit Poria to give even greater Shen support, and Lion’s Mane to protect the nerves and mind.

Defense Somalixir is not solely made of mushrooms, but they are cornerstones of this combination. Defense is a more aggressive defender of health, with the strong protective powers of Chaga and Birch Polypore, along with Snow Lotus, a revered Asian anti-cancer herb.

Astragalus is the root of a pea-family plant, and not a mushroom, but it works in the same balanced and intelligent way. It does not overstimulate the immune activity, and so won’t aggravate auto-immune issues or those with deep imbalances, but it does seem to normalize function in whatever direction is needed. Choose our Astragalus Essence for short-term use, as with traveling or when people around you are sick. For long-term use to protect and energize your Wei Qi, our Spiritualized Essence of Astragalus is a great choice.

Finally, if you do need a little more direct “kick” to your defenses, consider our Immune Ens. It can be used for medium-term problems, for a few months at a time, but it is best for firing up the system to resist impending attacks such as stressful travel and sick family members, and when you start to feel run down and out of sorts beyond just normal levels of tired.

Start building your immunity now for a vibrant fall, easy winter, and energy all season long- now is the time to take tonics so that you won’t need specifics later!

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