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As the lovely late summer weather gives way to fall’s cloudy skies, and the first few storms start to roll in off the ocean, our thoughts turn to one of the Northwest’s most prominent beings: mushrooms!

The next few weeks (or months, if we’re lucky!) will be filled with mushrooms for us, from hunting them in the deep forests of our area, to taking them to support our immune systems as the weather turns more challenging. There are many delicious edible fungi growing here, and a few medicinal ones, as well, and a long list of medicinal (and a few edibles) that we work with in our lab.

Inspired by our fungal friends, we’re taking 20% off some of our favourite medicinal mushroom Spagyricsclick here to go right to our sale page, or read on for more information.

Medicinal mushrooms have a very unique way of supporting our immunity, and the way they connect with our systems comes from our relationship with them, evolutionarily speaking. Animals and mushrooms are more closely related than either is to plants, and fungi are subject to many of the same diseases as us, and so their defenses are a better match for our immunity in long-term tonic use. This supportive link has been understood for millennia, as medicinal mushrooms have been revered around the world for their anti-infective, cancer preventative, and life- supporting tonic properties.

To help you move in and through the challenges of the winter season with grace and health, we’ve put some of our most relied-upon mushroom Spagyrics on sale, including one which is also a brand new formula. We hope they will become your allies, as well!

Shroomtastic is our newest Somalixir formula, aimed at true balance in the immune system. This formula boosts the defenses against infections, while calming the overreaction of allergic response. In its nine different mushrooms, it also includes support for Shen and inner peace, and we have been very pleased with its healing intelligence. A more detailed article about Shroomtastic is here, or you can just click here to buy some in our store.

Six Mushrooms Combination is another multi-fungal formula, made from Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, and Agaricus blazei. This is a more dynamic defense formula, great for boosting your immunity through winter, as described in this detailed article.

Shiitake is one of the most familiar medicinal mushrooms, beloved also as a delicious food. It is the only natural substance ever proven to reverse HIV infection, and has also shown promise in treating herpes, hepatitis, and the common colds and flus.

Cordyceps is the premiere Chinese herb for the respiratory system, supporting its health in both immunological and functional ways. We find that just a small dose of Cordyceps seems to enlarge the lungs so that very deep breaths become easy and energizing, and we enjoy this Spagyric when hiking, working out, or just when we need a natural boost.

Two less well-known mushrooms we work with are Mesima and Chaga. Both of these mushrooms have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and each supports the immune system in unique ways.

Mesima has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells to a very high degree, and it is also anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It brings a strong, core energy of power and support.

Chaga is an ancient ally to human health, known since at least the time of the frozen stone age man known as the “ice man”, who carried it in his kit. Chaga has also shown strong cancer preventative and treatment effects, along with anti-infective properties. Chaga is especially tonic to the liver, and we find it to be an energy and mood lifter, as well.

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