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For obvious reasons, February is heart health month, and so we see messages all around us aimed at keeping our tickers ticking along. Good food, exercise, stress reduction and other healthy habits are all great ways to protect the vital organ at the center of our being. On the subtle levels, our Heart is also central to our being, and as the seat of our wisdom, connectedness, and peace, it needs energetic care as well.

This month we have a sale on Spagyrics to support your heart (organ) and your Heart (center)- click here to go right to our sale page, or read on for more information.

hawthOn the physical level, the red berries of the rose-family tree Hawthorne are a classic cardiac tonic, used for hundreds of years to strengthen, tone, and even out the heart’s rhythm and function. The antioxidants in the berries strengthen the walls of the blood vessels, helping the heart’s efforts be more efficient, and throughout the body, Hawthorne protects collagen structures. Our Hawthorne Essence is a great expression of all these effects.

Another red berry, Goji, shares Hawthorne’s antioxidant effects in the heart and circulatory system, along with energizing polysaccharides as in many other tonic herbs. Goji’s tonic effects on the physical heart also carry over to the spiritual one, which it is said to gladden. We rely on goji berries and Goji Essence as snacks and pick-me-ups at the events we go to, and we do find them very cheering!

Reishi mushroom also has well-rounded tonic effects to the circulatory system and heart, along with being the premier herb to support the Shen. In Chinese medicine, Shen is the peaceful spirit that resides in the heart, protecting the other subtle energies and bringing wisdom and inner balance. When Shen is strong and protected, as with our Reishi Essence, we act with courage and our emotions are stable, we are strong yet gentle and wise with our energies.

For the more ecstatic form of heart energy found in love, we offer our Love Ens formulas- Love Ens Yin for women, and Love Ens Yang for men. These formulas support balanced sensual expression on all levels of being, supporting function and healthy stamina, while also increasing feelings of relaxation, connection, and intimacy.

Straddling the heart/Heart divide, our Linden Spiritualized Essence is made from another classic European plant, the beautiful and fragrant Linden tree. Calming and relaxing, Linden lowers blood pressure and relieves strain on the physical heart, while also uplifting and cheering the emotional Heart. As French herbalist Maurice Mességué puts it, Linden brings “peaceful nights, joyful awakenings, and happy days”.

Our next two Heart tonics are useful in times of stress or sadness, which everyone’s Heart will experience from time to time.

Albizzia is another tree medicine, and another tonic to the Shen. Unlike many other Shen tonics which act in “fixing” or stabilizing ways to our inner peace, Albizzia uplifts the Shen and raises our energy and awareness to a higher, happier place. Our Albizzia Spiritualized Essence is very good at lifting the feeling of weight and density that can collect around the Heart center when times are tough, and mood and spirits soon follow to a lighter state.

bheartsWhen the Heart is really assailed by loss, grief, or any hard-to-shake trauma, Bleeding Heart shows us a remedy in its very appearance. Looking like a heart opened and bleeding, this lovely Northwest native flower has been used since the time of the Eclectics for pain of a mixed physical-emotional nature.

Its visual signature describes the states it heals and supports- a heart opened by pain, but also needing to open to process the lessons of that pain. Our Bleeding Heart Spiritualized Essence has proven invaluable for cases in which a situation needed to be dug into, felt, and worked with in order to come out the other side.

Finally, to bring all kinds of support, healing, and just plain bliss to the Heart, we offer our Magistery of the quintessential herb of Venus, Rose. What can we say about Rose that hasn’t been said before (and better!) by a thousand poets? Our Rose Magistery is a perfect expression of everything that Venus rules: affection, devotion, beauty, and refinement. Plus, it’s delicious and gentle!