We’re reviving this article from our archives in time for True Easter, which in 2024 falls on March 25. Enjoy, and happy Easter!

In another recent article, we talked about the special energy of the Springtime, and the life force that is drawn out of the earth by the increasing warmth and moisture. This time starts at the Spring Equinox, and continues throughout Aries and Taurus, but it is at a particular height today, True Easter.

Church Easter is defined so that it lands on a Sunday, but True Easter is the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. Most years, True Easter is also Passover, although that mostly Lunar date changes in some years because it is “tethered” to the Sun’s progression through the seasons, and changed as needed to remain anchored in Spring and not drift earlier every year.

Alchemically, True Easter is the apex of the life energy for the whole year, and anything created or charged that day will have greater vital force than creations on an ordinary day. This is the reason we create our Oil of Egg from eggs laid only on True Easter. Eggs are already dense packages of the rebirth energy, and the ones laid on True Easter will carry an especially concentrated charge of renewal.

Eggs’ connection to this time of year can be seen as far back as the Persians of two millennia ago, celebrating their new year festival of Noruz with gifts of coloured eggs. Various Western European tribes worshiped a goddess called Ostara or Eostre, which gives the later Christian celebration its name. Even though Easter is a celebration of the rising of a male divinity, it is still eggs that tie the story to the earlier pagan roots- Mary Magdalene carried a basket of eggs to the tomb of Jesus, whereupon they turned red as she saw the risen Christ.

The eggs we use for our Oil of Egg are not coloured, but the resulting medicine is an amazing preparation for healing and renewal. It is a strong energy tonic, very vitalizing to the whole system. It is also a powerful regenerative for the skin, muscle, and nerve tissues, and we have seen it give near-miraculous results in even severe burns, cuts, and necrotic spider bites.

We hope that your True Easter is a beautiful day, and that this whole season of renewal is healing and brings you much vitality and joy!

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