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As another holiday season rolls around, we look forward to reconnecting with loved ones, enjoying special foods we don’t normally indulge in, perhaps traveling to distant places, and generally trying to pack all the joy we can into just a few short weeks. Of course, every one of those plans has its good and bad aspects, and so now, while we can still catch our breath, we take a moment to prepare by gathering our Spagyric allies for support.

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Summer produce like tomatoes and eggplant get a lot of glory during their brief season, but personally, I most look forward to the hearty foods of fall- squash, kale, root veggies, local turkey, cranberries from the bogs in our neighbourhood . . . I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! The anticipation seems to always make for at least one day of overindulgence, no matter how much I say this year I will finally be more temperate.

Working in the kitchen, making meals for those I love, I notice that the herbs and spices that taste good with these richer foods also help balance them and their heavier effects. Long ago, the wise healer Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine”, and every culture has plants that are used both for culinary expression and medicinal effect. These herbs tend to be balanced and tonic in their actions, suitable for daily use, yet also with powerful healing properties.

Two of my favourites are Rosemary and Sage, prominent on our table this time of year, and in our garden year-round. Both are stimulating, warming herbs with strong anti-oxidant effects for the digestive system. Rosemary also has excellent brain-protecting qualities, while Sage’s benefits clear and heal the respiratory system. Our Rosemary Magistery is a bright, cheering expression of this herb, and our Sage Essence is a great choice for preventing and treating wet or boggy infections like coughs and sore throats.

On the sweeter side, but still warming, Ginger and Fennel grace the dessert table with their pungent notes and healing gifts. Ginger is a classic Ayurvedic tonic, and it is said that “every good quality is contained” in its sunny yellow roots. Ginger eases nausea, moves sluggish digestion, warms the body, and helps with indigestion caused by fatty foods. Our Ginger Essence carries all these properties, along with a sharp, lively taste and good anti-allergy effects.

Fennel, with its strong licorice taste, is a carminative, helping the digestive tract to relax and easing gas and cramping that can happen from all sorts of dietary indiscretions, which is one reason bowls of the seed are served after meals in Indian restaurants. The other welcome quality of Fennel is its breath-sweetening effects, which are taken to a higher level in our Fennel Magistery. In magical herbalism, Fennel is said to sweeten the words we speak, helping us keep our communications gentle and kind, and also protecting us from the malicious speech of others. In some families, this might be just what is needed around the holiday table!

Although they are not aromatic herbs, mushrooms also link the culinary and medicinal worlds, with many of them being so delicious and powerful that it’s easy to eat enough to protect yourself from all kinds of onslaughts. Our Six Mushrooms Formula is an Essence extraction of Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Agaricus blazei, Shiitake, and Maitake– all powerful healing fungi, some of which are also excellent as foods. This formula is a wise choice for boosting energy, lifting mood, nourishing all body systems, and helping the immune system fight off infections, and it is balanced enough to take for several months at a time if needed.

For many of us, holidays mean celebratory drinks, but even if you don’t imbibe, some of the plants used for alcohol and other beverages are also healing tonics.

Wine, of course, is made from grapes, and has long been considered both an enjoyable indulgence and a medicine. The so-called “French paradox” of low rates of metabolic diseases despite high consumption of rich foods is thought to be partly because of the also high rate of wine consumption. As a sort of tincture, wine carries with it the phenols, flavonoids, and antioxidants found in grapes, and our Cabernet Grape Spiritualized Essence is another way to work with these tonic properties of the plant alchemists consider the most evolved of its kingdom.

Wine can also be made from any other fruit or berry you can think of, and at some point, it probably has been. One wine popular since ancient times is made from elderberry, which creates a deep, dark and rich wine almost like a port, with uniquely intoxicating properties. Elderberries and their wine were also revered by herbalists as a tonic for the winter season, and modern research shows that elderberry extracts are specifically antiviral to the influenza virus. Our Elder Essence is made from the berries as well as the flowers, which are calming and help ease fever- a delicious way to protect yourself from the ills of the season.

hoppyIf beer is more your style, you probably know that many brews get an extra note of bitterness and relaxing energy from hops, a plant in the same family as cannabis, long-used as an additive in brewing.

The hops vine grows tall, and forms papery pinecone-shaped flowers which are collected and added to beer as it brews. Long ago, it was noticed that elderly women working as hops pickers regained their youthful hormonal balance and even their menstrual cycles, and hops has been used as a female tonic ever since.

Hops is also very bitter, a signature of liver tonic herbs, and it is an excellent anti-spasmodic. This makes our Hops Spiritualized Essence a good choice for indigestion with cramping, or when emotional stress is involved, as hops shares with its cousin plant a sedative quality.

For a more stimulating tonic, a cup of coffee is the way millions start their day, and also can be a great after dinner bitter digestive drink. Unroasted, coffee beans taste totally different, more like Ginseng or other tonics, and this taste comes from similar aromatic and polysaccharide compounds. Like roasted beans, green coffee contains caffeine and so our Green Coffee Spiritualized Essence makes a clarifying pick-me-up, but the green beans have a unique balancing effect on metabolism. Interesting research has indicated that green coffee can have beneficial effects on the collection of imbalances known as “metabolic syndrome”- elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and unhealthy weight.

If you’re worried less about physical stresses this time of year, and more about keeping your emotional balance, Goji might be the perfect ally for you. A berry that grows throughout Asia, Gojis are one of the most delicious tonics we know, containing a wide array of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant constituents. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Goji is associated with long life and an easygoing nature, to the extent that warnings are given that overconsumption of them will result in “excessive cheer”! We have certainly seen our Goji Spiritualized Essence bring laughter, silliness, and ease to even the most tense people, so consider taking some yourself and sharing as needed.

Our Superfoods Somalixir is another berry-based Spagyric tonic, this time with the beloved South American superfruit, Acai berry. These nutritive and antioxidant berries are combined with energizing Schizandra and buzzy Bee Pollen for a tonic that will help you though that long ride to grandma’s, the elaborate dinner once you get there, and the hours of socializing with your loved ones that follows.

Finally, if all that travel and socializing isn’t your cup of tea, and you just want to stay home with your one special someone, we have a Somalixir of two more delicious food herbs: Mayan Lovers. Named after a Mayan legend about a boy and girl who fall in love, are murdered, and transform into the cacao tree and vanilla vine, this luscious formula brings a lovely combination of euphoria and devotion. Try it with some candlelight on a long winter’s evening and you will find your connection deepened and sweetened by its gifts.

Happy holidays!