I had a great time, as usual, at Harmony Festival last weekend, mostly because of all the interesting, fun, supportive people that stopped by to taste, shop, and share. The weather was beautiful, there was good food and music, and even the drive there and home again was lovely, with wild roses blooming in a profusion I’ve never seen before.

Every event we do is different, and we enjoy noting the changing patterns of people’s needs and the Spagyrics they ask for at each event.

This year’s Harmony Fest saw a boost in the popularity of our Liquid Buddha Somalixir, designed to quiet the mind and still the body for deep, inward meditation. We also sampled and sold a lot of our Rose Magistery, which is always a favourite for its gentle but profound heart-opening and soothing energy, as well as its wonderful taste.

Those of you with allergies took home all we brought of the Yerba Santa Essence, a wonderful herb with tonic and rebuilding properties for the mucus membranes and sinuses. We heard from many of you that it helped within a few minutes of the first dose, opening the nasal passages and calming the itch and sensitivity. Keep taking it, since it works long-term as well, improving the structure and health of the whole respiratory system.

Our Ashwagandha Essence was another popular physical-level Spagyric, bought by quite a few people looking for better balance in sleep cycles. This very intelligent herb has a remarkable ability to calm or uplift as needed, acting as an adaptogen to build real vitality, while calming the adrenals and slowing the flow of adrenaline in the body so that vitality comes from a solid foundation. Taken just before bed for a few weeks, Ashwagandha Essence seems to reset the sleeping/waking cycle, not sedating, but helping the body be deeply asleep at night and awake during the daytime.

Many of you were working on subtle-level issues of emotions, spiritual being, and life path, and just needed a little nudge from a dose of the right Spagyric. The plants prepared in our lab are often able to rework destructive patterns and move us into a healthier place with just one shot. We’ve seen this countless times, and if you were one of the “shifted” in that way, we hope that the positivity continues for you!

Some of you are working on more stubborn issues, or were looking for a Spagyric to support you further down your path. If you tried something in our booth which seemed to be a good fit, consider ordering some for your own stock, so that the work you’ve started on can continue.

To help with that step, we’re offering a special discount for anyone who tried our Spagyrics at Harmony Festival. Just write us a note in the comments below, telling us what you tried and your experience with it. Then, we will e-mail you a coupon for 15% off at our store, good on your entire order of any Spagyrics.

As always, thanks to everyone who stopped by to share words, thoughts, support, or just say hello. See you next time!

4 thoughts on “Home from Harmony (and a special offer)

  1. Michael Brown says:


    It was an honor to finally meet the beings and presence behind the wonders I had been enjoying for over a year; I am so glad to have met you Micah and your assistant who was so gracious and helpful.

    The tent was really buzzing, much like the rest of the festival and it was so joyful to see people taking such interest in the wonderful creations you prepare and offer. It was my honor to be asked for some herbal medicine advice as you helped one of your customers find a Yin tonic – after we thought about some of the ones we both knew, the deepest Yin tonic of them all popped into my head – Rhemania glutinosa! Sheng Di Huang/ Shu Di Huang! I hope that was the right fit for our Sistren Friend.

    After tasting a few wonders, I ended up picking the Lilies blend and have been enjoying its light and luscious waters all of June an July. It has kept me more calm, more deeply rested, and flowing on the sweet sensitivity of the Lilies in a helpful and beautiful way. Much gracious smiles and blessings for the Lilies and your spagyric of them.

    Thank you so much! I look forward to future connections and sharing. Please write me if you ever want to discuss blending, herbal wonders, or just to say hello. Happy July and SUMMER Heat! Stay cool and fresh!


    Michael ‘BrownRabbit’

    • Micah says:

      Thank you for your visit report! I’m glad you enjoyed your stop at our tent, we enjoyed it, too. Harmony is a-buzz, that is the perfect description for the fun, warm summer day, talking to the parade of diversity that wanders through scene. It’s like a big, happy hive.

      The Rehmannia turned out to be perfect for the other visitor, we had a little sample bottle of it even though we were out of stock, and she really liked the Yin-ness of it, so thanks for sharing your wisdom on that. It’s a great tonic, I find myself taking it and/or the other kidney one we talked about, the more Yang Fo-Ti, quite often. I like the way they both taste, both so food-like- to me, tasting like a food is the mark of a balanced gentle tonic.

      I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the Waterlilies blend, that one is dear to my heart as well. It has such grace and flow to it, a nice watery floating feeling like being in a boat on a lake, where the more turbulent the water, the more the ride rocks you into calmness. So Yin, cool, peaceful, and reflective, I have been helped by it a few times. I hope it continues to bring you rest and the flow of peace, I’m sure it is enjoying you, too!


  2. Kala says:

    Greetings, and thank you for helping me to find *just* the right spagyrics once again! Thanks to your patience and care, I left Harmony with four different essences that have become good friends to me! I had such a wonderful time pinpointing what blend was right for me…and getting such clear “yes’s and no’s when trying each one. The body mind and spirit speak *so loudly* their opinion, when reflected in these spagyrics! I spent a long time deciding, and also spent all of the money I had with me that day…clearly illustrating to me what a JOY and a priority partaking of these essences is for me! : )
    The first one was Magistry of Rose, which I had been using around Beltane and had absolutely fallen in love with! I take this one when I choose to feel the upward-blossoming rose…the regal and royal qualities of Divine Feminine energy…and the centripetal force moving in…and to feel my heart expand into a sweet and open resonance with others, a dignified yet infinitely loving calm. I also have found that it helps me weave through crowds and busy city streets…I like to think of it as “Here comes the Rose Queen!” It’s quite an enjoyable resonance.
    Open Heart was the next purchase I made, another blend I adore…(and the cacao makes it taste so wonderful!) I use that in combination with Your Astragalus seed essence when doing bodywork/energy work…I have found that this is quite a wonderful combination for me – I feel grounded, my core energy feels protected and secure, and yet the heart is simultaneously open to connection and empathic impressions. I have cycled through using Rhodiola, AU formula, and now the Astragalus seed for the grounding element…and all of them worked extremely well for me. It seems as I change, my needs in an essence change. Makes perfect sense. The last formula I bought was the Faith blend, and I have to say…you certainly have tuned in to the needs of this time! It saved a sister of mine the other day when the state of the world was truly weighing on her soul. I find it to be solar, upward in nature, and yet calming – it also has worked in moments of deep anxiety and overwhelm…not surprising with a name like “Faith”!
    Thank you, a thousand thank yous…for all that you do and all that you have brought to my life, my community and so many others!
    In Deep Respect, and essential Joy, Blessings on your dreams and works,

    • Micah says:

      Thank you for your visit to our space at Harmony (even if we did take all your money!) and for your thoughts on it. I think you’ve brought up one of the best things about seeing us in person, which is being able to try many Spagyrics to find just the right one, and being able to rely on our advice and your own body as guides. People are skeptical sometimes about trying 3 or 5 or 10, wondering if they will know the right one, but as you experienced, the body gives definite yes and no answers through the process. For us, watching our community as we dose them is a real kick, too, and every experience becomes part of the reference we can draw from as we move on to the next person. So, every time anyone tells us about how their experience went, several more people are helped by it in future events. We’re lucky to be a link in that process!

      I love your description of being the Rose Queen, I will try her for crowded situations and remember that image. It’s a wonderful capturing of her energy, regal and strong but still feminine and kind, high but never haughty. Sounds like she has connected with you very deeply, along with the Heart Opener which she is also part of (along with yummy cacao). I’m also happy to hear about you changing the grounding elements as needed, depending on your own energy and changing self. Each plant has such a specific energy, it can be quite a study to learn the fine points, but it’s worth it to be able to target your needs in such a refined way.

      Thanks, too, for sharing the Faith with your friend, I hope it lifted her soul out of uncertainty. I created that formula because I needed it myself, and I have found it very helpful on some of the more disconcerting days of our times. I’m glad we all have the ability to come together and boost each other from time to time, that support and community is why we do what we do, so thanks!


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