Brace yourselves, this is going to be a rant.

So, we get a call from a customer, unhappy with our Spagyrics. He says he tried a couple of our Somalixirs, Sexahuasca and Sacred Journey, and felt nothing. Seems odd to me, those are pretty strong ones, and always popular. So, I ask some questions to figure out the situation: how much did you take, did you sit and meditate with them, what is your experience with sacred plants, and what were you expecting?

What comes out is that because of (a total misreading of) a post by someone on a DMT forum, he thought our Spagyrics would be just like smoking DMT, which is his main experience. When taking them was not like that, he was disappointed, feeling our Spagyrics were “misrepresented”.

This is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, that post said no such thing, it was just a very nice recommendation from someone that our Syrian Rue was surprisingly strong and made the user feel “connected”. That’s great to hear, but hardly “dude, it’s just like smoking DMT!!”.

But the larger issue is the type of person this illustrates, a type we see all the time. They use some alphabet-soup concoction of chemicals, maybe to great effect and ever-growing insight, it’s possible. Then, they decide to try one of our Spagyrics, expecting the same experience.

If we can, we do our best to explain what to expect and what not to expect. But, they try a Spagyric they heard about on some forum of anonymous trippers, and they are disappointed. They come back, complaining, “it wasn’t at all like smoking DMT-dropping LSD-taking Ecstasy-eating Opium-overdosing on cough syrup-licking a toad-etc. etc.”

No, it wouldn’t be.

So, what’s an adventurous psychonaut to do? My first bit of advice is that if it’s drugs you enjoy, then just go buy some drugs. Seriously, if that’s what works for you and gives you what you’re after, then stick with it. Switching to our Spagyrics after years of intense chemical highs takes some personal work and is not immediately rewarding, and most of these trippers won’t stick it out.

See, it’s like someone who has eaten nothing but sugary sweets all their life, candy, sodas, all that nasty concentrated sweet stuff. Then, I hand them an apple, and they can’t even begin to find the sweetness in it.

There is hope for this person, of course, anyone can be with the plants in a real, sacred, and enlightening way. That sweetness is there for us all, if we’re just willing to be open, connect, and meet them halfway.

Lest you think we don’t know where the psychonauts are coming from on this, be assured that we speak from real, extended experience here, with both the intense chemical approach and the more subtle plants’ enlightenment. What we’ve learned is that if we can be truly intelligent about our relations with the green beings, there is a level of wisdom and truth that is sweet beyond imagining, nourishing and powerful on the deepest levels.

How this connection is achieved, both in our processing of Spagyrics and in the end use of them, will be covered in-depth in this continuing series of articles. Here’s the next installment, about what you should expect from our Initiatics. Please tell us your thoughts as we go along.

2 thoughts on “Initiatics : what NOT to expect

  1. Isaac Boatright says:

    I enjoyed reading this, particularly the apt candy vs apple metaphor.
    I find your spagyrics aren´t like, say, bungee jumping (chemical high – a bit risky, rather forced/one way), rather they are like a chance to dance with the plant cocreatively, to share awareness. I find the spagyric experience to be more assimilable and as you say, it goes deep (many dimensions), surpassingly so.

  2. Ben T. says:

    I have been working with your spagyrics lately for dream enhancement. And I must say that they are absolutely breathtaking! The flavor of each formula is so unique and multidimensional. I have been taking Sexahausca, Dreamtime and Astrale. Then I lay in bed and drift off to sleep after doing a little journey with some shamanic drumming to connect myself with each separate energy. You may say that its best to use them separately, but the combination seems to mesh well. I take them separately and hold each one in my mouth for a minute or two and allow the flavor to permeate my mouth. But, like I said, the dreams have been so wonderful and LONG! I dream all night and wake up refreshed and usually full of new interesting dream memories. I wish I had enough money to buy everything you sell, because I would!!! Thank you!

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