Thank you for listening to my talk for the Power of Inner Connection Summit, and for joining us here on our site!

On this page, we’ve put together some information and resources to dive into this ancient system of healing a bit more deeply. We know there’s a lot to learn about- we think of it as a system of healing that is “so old, it’s new” to most people.

But, it’s also a very important paradigm that brings together currents of Western philosophy, subtle energy medicine, herbal wisdom, and spiritual practice in a way that we find especially relevant and supportive for modern life.

So read on, study these articles and links, meditate on what you’ve learned, and integrate it into your life and practice if it resonates with you. If you’d like to listen to a replay of my talk, as well as any of the other excellent presentations, you can purchase recordings of the whole summit here.

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Speaking of Spagyrics

In my talk, I discussed the seven planets of classical Alchemy, whose archetypal energies are the structural framework for our practice. If you’re inspired to work with these energies, the free ebook we sent when you signed up for our newsletter is a great start.

Our Magisteries are the Spagyric with the most refined expression of these macrocosmic intelligences, and you can find them here in our store. If you’d like to read more about the processing that targets them to the Soul and planetary levels of being, here is a more in-depth article.

I also shared a very special formula, Abra-Melin. This sacred combination of aromatic herbs is a wonderful way to connect with the highest aspect of your being. I wrote about this formula in this article, and you can find it here in our store.

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by herbalist David Crow for his Plant Medicine Summit, where I talked about some specific Spagyrics for different meditation practices. You can listen to that talk here.

About Spagyrics

In my talk, I gave a brief outline of our system of working with plants, which Paracelsus created in the 15th century, and named Spagyrics. If you’d like to learn more about this work, here are some good starting points:

The Three Levels in Spagyrics : Body, Spirit, and Soul

Working with Spagyrics

If you’re ready to get started connecting with the intelligences of plants through our medicines, you can find our store here. And, to answer a common question- “how do I use these?”- read these articles:

About us

We are a couple, Micah and Paul, working together in life and the lab since 1991. Micah’s background is in herbalism and natural healing, and Paul’s is in Hermetics and Western esoterics. For more about what this work means to us, read these posts: