Many years ago when we first created our School, we decided that before students learned any lab work, they should learn the philosophical principles and ideas of our lineage. And, even before that history and background came in, we wanted them to learn about themselves.

Know Thyself was the motto at the entrance to the Oracle at Delphi because knowledge of the self was the foundation for understanding the insights of the Oracle, with each person who heard the Pythia’s words required to search themselves for personal connection, meaning, and guidance.

We felt that for our students to find wisdom and skill in the work we were to teach them, they too would have to first search their inner worlds to build a context for the knowledge they would receive later.

We stopped accepting new lab work students a few years ago so that we could focus on our advanced students, but we’ve decided to offer the original first module of the school, Know Thyself, for free to anyone who is interested.

We’ve built the six lessons into an email-based course, in which every two weeks, participants receive a lesson with a PDF text, audio lecture, an exercise related to the lesson, and suggested Spagyrics to support that lesson’s ideas and work. Lesson topics include Western and Eastern esoterics, the elements of creation, Qabalah and the Tree of Life, shamanism and nature spirituality, etheric energy science, and more.

We also include a link to our Facebook discussion group where we have a library of free texts for deeper study, as well as a discussion community centered around talismanic work and Hermetic philosophy.

This free course is a self-guided one, and we’re not offering support or help with it, we’re just putting it out into the world in the hopes that it will be useful and interesting. If it sounds like something you would enjoy, you can click here to sign up.

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    • Micah Nilsson says:

      Thank you for listening! It’s always so much fun to connect with Caroline & her listeners, we feel so fortunate to be able to share what we do with everyone.

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