By a wonderful synergy of the calendar and our lab schedule, a new batch of our Magistery of Melissa came out of circulation today, True Easter, and it is just as lovely and powerful as we had expected.

Following Paracelsus’ work, we create all of our Spagyrics on certain days and times, following the planetary rulership of the plant we are working on. All important lab operations are timed according to this system, the starting of the extraction and the time of the Spagyric’s completion being very important points.

The planetary timing creates a harmony of sympathy between the macrocosmic energies of the celestial sphere and the microcosmic orb of the plant’s being, and when used, the resulting Spagyric makes the patient that point of connection and balance where those spheres overlap.

The moment that a Spagyric is done is its birth, imprinting it with the alignments and influences of that moment, and carrying that pattern in perfected form, like a template that can then go on to correct misalignments in whoever uses that Spagyric.

The Melissa Magistery was born today because it is the Thursday at the end of its long circulation cycle, begun one philosophical month ago. Jupiter rules both Thursday and Melissa, connecting both these earthly things to Jupiter’s qualities of expansion, joviality, and temperance.

Having taken several drops of the new Melissa Magistery throughout the day today, we can both attest that it carries these energies very well. It is light, uplifting, joyous, and even bouncy in its energy, giving a radiance and golden-hued glow in the sight and the inner eye.

Physically, the Magistery tastes very sweet, like a wonderful liqueur, in the way that only our Clary Sage Magistery has equalled. Eventually, the Melissa’s energy expands throughout the body, but its aromatic qualities seem to go to the respiratory system, and its initial energetic hit travels quickly to the heart- “heart-happy” is what I wrote in my journal in the first moments of meditation. Paul felt it travel up his spine and to the Jade Pillow at the base of the skull, and we both felt it lift the gloom of today’s rainy weather.

Some of you may have heard us describe our earlier Melissa Magistery as having the energy of a fat, happy baby; this new one is more of a rambunctiously cheery kid, skipping along and chattering away.

We think the extra “spring” in this one’s step is the Spring energy of today, the bounding and boundless life force of True Easter leaping from all the growth of the land, the plants and trees, flowers and ferns, falling in the rain and rising in the dew. As you may have guessed, the Melissa Magistery also has a powerful effect on imagination and visualization in the mind’s eye, and everything we’ve talked about this morning has been accompanied by powerful and luminous inner illustrations.

As a plant, Melissa’s own energy is perfectly aligned to connect with the vibrancy of Spring, as Paracelsus believed that Melissa contained the most Ens, or life force, of any plant. He wrote about many Spagyrics of Melissa having amazing healing properties, including the Ens of Melissa, made from Melissa and Spring dew, which we are hoping to make again soon.

For now, we hope that you enjoy this new Magistery, and let us know your experiences with it. We’re planning on taking it regularly for a number of days as we always do with new Spagyrics, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else is communicated.

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