Like our last new Spagyric of Echinacea, our new Ginkgo is from an herb we’ve been working with for years, but in a different form which offers unique healing benefits.

This new Spiritualized Essence of Autumn Ginkgo was created from the yellow fall leaves of the world’s oldest species of tree, the incomparable Ginkgo. It shares some of the healing properties of the more commonly-used green leaf, but also carrying its own energy and benefits.

All stages of the Ginkgo tree’s leaves offer brain tonic effects, and our Essence and Spiritualized Essence are popular Spagyrics for stimulating the mind, thought, and health of the brain and nerves. These Spagyrics were created from the green summer leaves, which are higher in terpenoid compounds. These chemicals block the effects of GABA in the brain, and since GABA is a calming neurotransmitter, chemicals which block it tend to be stimulating.

This is borne out in the invigorating effects of our green Ginkgo Spagyrics, which bring a quick boost of mental energy, sharpness, and endurance. They are also stimulating on a more physical level, helping the brain rebuild after trauma or aging has left damage.

Yellow autumn Ginkgo leaves are lower in terpenoids, but higher in flavonoids, which are strong anti-oxidant chemicals. Flavonoids play a role in many plants’ defenses, and are part of the healthy properties of berries, chocolate, and red wine. The root word flava means “yellow”, and this class of substances often gives a yellow pigment to plants, as in Ginkgo and other leaves.

In many studies, yellow Ginkgo has been shown to have much higher antioxidant and protective effects on the body, particularly in the brain and nerve tissue with which it has such a well-known affinity.

In our experience, the yellow Ginkgo is much less stimulating to the mind, instead working slowly as a tonic support to better mental function and balanced energy. It feels more grounding and clarifying, and we find it a good alternative to green Ginkgo, which we both find a little “edgy” in energy.

Specific research is not available on yellow Ginkgo’s properties in the other traditional Ginkgo uses for blood-thinning and as a female sexual tonic. It is probably wise to consider both Ginkgos as blood-thinners, using the normal cautions with use of either one- avoiding their use before surgery, or if taking other blood thinning substances.

As for sexual tonic effects, Autumn Ginkgo is less stimulating overall, but may still be helpful as a female tonic, so we will share reports on this and other properties of this new Spagyric as we receive them. In the meantime, we invite you to try some of our Spiritualized Essence of Autumn Ginkgo for yourself!

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