Green Coffee BeansWe’re pretty sure most of you are familiar with this plant in its more common form- roasted and brewed. But green, unroasted coffee has some interesting healing and tonic properties that we wanted to explore.

Green coffee has caffeine in it, sometimes more than roasted, and so it is a pick-me-up and energy booster, also increasing mental clarity and sharpness. Our new Green Coffee Bean Spiritualized Essence fits this description, but at the same time, is not over-stimulating or jolting. It brings a peaceful, centered sharpness of thought, with a brightened mood and mind.

Unroasted coffee beans contain many of the same polyphenol antioxidants as green tea, and these constituents support many bodily functions, acting as especially good anti-inflammatories.

One of these polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, has been shown to have a beneficial effect on carbohydrate metabolism, particularly in diabetics, improving blood glucose control and lowering blood sugar. Chlorogenic acid has also shown promise for lowering blood pressure, which is also of benefit to many diabetics.

Our new Green Coffee Bean Spiritualized Essence is available in our store, and will also be included in upcoming formulas for metabolic balance and health.

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