Order Help & Followup

Thanks for shopping with us! We appreciate your support of our work, and hope that you enjoy the Spagyrics you received. Here are some tips and information to help you get the most out of them.

Question about shipping?

We ship orders on Tuesday and Friday. So far, we are still getting orders out on the next shipping day from when the order was placed:

  • orders placed from Tuesday-Thursday go out on Friday
  • orders placed from Friday-Monday go out on Tuesday

We will do our best to keep to this schedule, but we may have some slowdown as the holidays approach. If this happens, we will post a notice in the store so that you’re informed about your order’s likely arrival.

Customers in the US can choose Postal Priority Mail which is around 3 days in transit, and Postal Ground at 5 days transit, although this has been longer in recent months. For addresses outside the US, we use Global Priority or Express, which takes 7-10 days, depending on the country. For all shipments we send a tracking number when we ship so that you can track the shipment’s progress at the Postal website.

There is no faster option available from our rural location- no shipping services offer true express options from here.

We send all packages fully insured, so you may need to sign for your package in person or arrange to pick it up at your local Post Office if you’re not available when delivery is attempted.

If you miss your delivery, it’s easy to arrange for redelivery or pickup at your local Post Office. Just click here to go to the USPS redelivery page and fill in your information. Your tracking number can be found in your order’s comments or shipment notice email.

Problems with the shipment?

If your order seems overly delayed, or arrived damaged or with anything amiss, we want to hear about it so we can fix the problem. Reply to any of the emails we sent about your order and let us know what we can do to help.

Didn’t receive what you ordered?

Our smaller bottles are often labeled with the Latin name only, so it’s possible you did get what you ordered, just under a name you don’t recognize.

To check, use the search box on our main store page to search by the name on the label you received. The Spagyric that comes up will list both the common and Latin name so you can see if it’s correct.

If you think we sent the wrong size bottle, you can check by looking at the bottom of the bottle. Our 5 ml. bottles are a very dark glass with different numbers pressed into the bottom. All our other bottles have the size in ml. pressed into the bottom- 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml.

If you check these things and find that we did make a mistake, reply to your order email to tell us so we can send the correct Spagyric right away.

Unsure how to use the Spagyrics you got?

Basic dosing and use instructions can be found here, and this article has suggestions for building a practice of connecting with your Spagyrics more deeply. We also put together a collection of articles going deeper into our work- from information about what Spagyrics are to basic dosing information and the planetary energies. You can find that collection here.

Thoughts to share on the Spagyrics you’re using?

Consider writing a review to let others know about your experience! Simply go to the listing page for the Spagyric you want to talk about, and scroll down to the reviews tab to post your thoughts.

Need more help?

You can send us an email by replying to any of the order notices we sent you, clicking on the envelope icon at the top right of this page, or by messaging us through our Facebook page. We are a small family company and we’re here to help- we look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks again for your support-
Paul & Micah