Our Coronavirus Response

You might be wondering what we’re doing to help our community during this frightening and stressful time, and hoping to hear from us soon. Right now, we’re focusing most of our energy on making & shipping our Spagyrics, and less on writing, which is why we haven’t said much yet.

The good news is that we did start extracting Essences of potentially helpful herbs at the beginning of March, so many are now done and ready to ship- click here for the collection of new Spagyrics, along with some familiar plant allies that also play a role in fighting this illness, and see below for our plans and schedule for more.

Our first round of Spagyrics for this virus is based on the excellent research done by herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner. You can find more information in his book, Herbal Antivirals, and in this article and this update he based on that book, with new information specific to this coronavirus. We encourage everyone to read his work and support it however you can.

Since we are not clinical herbalists, we’re deferring to that research, and the detailed information put out by so many other herbalists, such as on this page from the AHG.

Our skills are in extraction, and that is where we are most useful. This means that while we are doing our best to keep up with stock needs and getting Spagyrics out (seriously, we broke our herb grinder!), we are not qualified to advise anyone on treatments, herb-drug interactions, and other medical topics. If these kinds of clinical issues are relevant to you, please consult a qualified health care practitioner for help and safe advice.

On this page, we will collect the things we’re researching, doing, and offering to help us all through this crisis. We will update this page as time allows, and we will also send out newsletters as often as we can, so use the Newsletter link at the top of the page to sign up if you’re interested.

Our most frequent and up-to-date information will be posted on our Facebook page, so follow us there to stay in the loop and connect with us through discussion and messenger if you like.

Stay calm, stay strong, be well, and be kind.
Paul & Micah

Spagyric Support


We’ve finished the Renewal formula, completing the set of three formulas from the Buhner protocol. You can see all of the formulas and suggested singles here.

Inspired by some great webinars and conversations, I’ve posted some thoughts about the continuum of possible treatments for coronavirus, from the scientific specific to the tonic holistic. It’s a long read, but has some helpful ideas- read it here.

Our first round of Essence extraction focused on the 12 core herbs and 2 of the formulas from the Buhner protocol found here. All are done and ready to ship, and are listed here in our store.

We will also work to keep up with stock as it becomes depleted, but we may run out from time to time, especially as our herb suppliers run out. You can always see the whole collection as it is stocked, added to, and updated, at this link.

Emotional health is important, too, and if you’re having difficulty with that balance, you might find this article on Shen tonics helpful.

Stock & Purchase Limits

In order to get Spagyrics out to as many people as possible, the Spagyrics in this protocol will be sold only in 1 ounce bottles, limit 2 per customer. Once ounce is about a one person, one month supply, which gives us a one month lead time to keep making more as stocks get low. However, we may run out of some Spagyrics as the crisis wears on, so be patient with us as we make new stock as fast as we can, while still maintaining our high quality standards.

Shipping & Turnaround Time

We hope to keep to our usual shipping days of Tuesday and Friday, but our local Post Office has already shortened its hours and cut days, so we can’t promise a specific turnaround time for orders. Express services are not available from our rural location, so for now, it’s just more patience and hope for the best.

When you order, you’ll get an email confirmation, as well as a notice when the order ships. Feel free to reply to those emails if you have questions or concerns and we will do our best to help.

Protecting Ourselves

Our families and our local community are full of vulnerable people who we care deeply about, and so we have taken this pandemic very seriously since it first appeared on the West coast.

We have been practicing strict social distancing since the beginning of March, and because our lab is private and sensitive energetically, we don’t have visitors or other traffic here except for the two of us. Honestly, most days we were already thinking how we could not go out, we’re just hermits like that anyway!

Our lab and home are on a secluded 2 acre fenced property, surrounded by farms and open space, and so we feel quite safe and protected from infection, as much as anyone can be.

We are limiting our trips off the property to the most necessary errands, and our local businesses have been very diligent about sanitation, handwashing at entry for all customers, and keeping everyone safe. I (Micah) am doing all our errands, and keeping my hands clean as I am out, along with following a thorough decontamination process when I get home.

We’re cleaning all high-touch surfaces daily, as well as cleaning and sanitizing our extraction space and bottling area daily. We are using CDC-recommended hydrogen peroxide as an effective but eco-friendly sanitizer.

We are also making sure to rest, eat well, take our tonics and immune supports, stay in touch with friends and loved ones, and take some time each day to meditate and center ourselves. We hope you are doing the same, and that we all stay well and strong through this.