Just before Thanksgiving, I was a guest on Julia Griffin’s show, The Power of Inspiration & Awakening Radio. It was a really enjoyable interview, and the time flew by as we talked about our work, Spagyrics, connecting with Nature for healing, and many other topics related to healing and spiritual growth.

I talked about the seven planetary energies in plants and how we access them in our lab, and how to understand your own inner makeup of planetary archetypes. I also shared some of my favourite Spagyrics for happiness and a positive attitude, abundance and flow, and for being open to love.

And, since love is a big topic, I did a deep dive into three stories about our Venus Magistery of Rose. We’ve shared it with so many people over the years, and every person’s experience with it reflects Venus’ archetypal energy in a different way, as you’ll see when you take a listen!


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