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Our first few sale Spagyrics support an inner state of love, compassion, and kindness towards yourself, bringing a peaceful energy of forgiveness and openness from which to start.

For those of us who, sensitive and empathetic, take on too much of the world’s unhappiness, there are a few solutions.

While “bleeding heart liberal” is intended as an insult to such souls, the Bleeding Heart flower carries the signature of a heart wounded by pain, as well as the medicine to help learn from and heal that pain. Bleeding Heart was used by the early Eclectic physicians as a remedy for pain of a mixed emotional-physical nature, and it is a good painkiller for hormonal imbalances especially.

Energetically, our Bleeding Heart Spiritualized Essence is excellent for diving deeper into pain to learn from it, process the lesson, and move on so that the wisdom of the experience is integrated and useful. It can make emotional pain more intense as it brings it to the surface, but worked with wisely, it is cathartic and healing.

If you just want to move out of the pain and imbalance and take a higher, wiser perspective on things, two powerful tree-based Spagyrics can help.

bizzyAlbizzia is a beautiful tree with ferny leaves and feathery, delicate pink flowers that puff up like pompoms. These flowers are used in Chinese medicine to “lift the Shen”, or lighten the heart energy of wisdom and peace. When our Shen is depleted or made heavy by care, we can fall into hopelessness and depression, further weakening its energy and that of our whole being.

Albizzia uplifts the mood and mind, and its effects on the Heart center are remarkable. Taking our Albizzia Spiritualized Essence, one can feel the weight in the heart lift and light and joy return to the center of being. From there, the rest of the mind and body are lifted and hope and perspective are restored.

Another tree with airy, poofy flowers is the lovely Linden, one of my favourites for its beauty, scent, and effects. Linden blossom is an old-fashioned herbal remedy which hasn’t been “trendy” for a while, but I feel that no other herb quite matches its balanced healing energy.

Linden is at once uplifting and calming to the Shen and mood, all while toning the function and health of the literal heart. It lowers blood pressure so that the body can flow smoothly and without tension, and it brings the mind back to a state of calm contentment.

Our Linden Spiritualized Essence is especially good for bedtime use, aiding deep restorative sleep in which the cares of the day are released so that a fresh awakening can be found in the morning.

If you find that you’re “losing your cool” in the face of stress, Hibiscus is a classic herb for overheated physical and mental states. As a tea, Hibiscus is bright red and the “zing” in zinger, a summer favourite that helps the body adapt to steamy weather.

Emotionally, when the heat of anger and drama overtake the head, Hibiscus brings the attention back to the heart so that the mind is clear and sharp, while the heart can open to the flow of the Divine. Our Hibiscus Alchymical Initiatic also carries the energy of sound-based spirituality that the flower is used for, and it facilitates clear and calm communication.

For the most archetypal and intelligent support to the Heart, love, devotion, and beauty, we reach for Rose in all forms. This flower represents all kinds of love, and its very fragrance speaks of the beauty that each of us manifests as creations of the universe.

Our Rose Magistery is a powerful ally for strengthening the Heart center so that it can stand in its unique power: that of love without division, judgement, reservation, or restriction. If you want to make sure that all your actions are aligned with love and its wisdom, this Magistery will help you hold to that path even when it is at its most difficult.

Our All You Need is Love sale also features Spagyrics to support romantic love, and Spagyrics for loving compassion towards the world.