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Happy Autumn (to everyone in the Northern hemisphere)- we hope you are enjoying this colourful season of transition! As the days grow shorter and colder and the earth pulls her green gifts back into herself, we start to turn inwards, as well. This impulse is celebrated in the holidays of many cultures, our favourite being Samhain, more commonly known as Hallowe’en.

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As the nights lengthen and the days get shorter and less bright, it’s hard to fight the impulse to sleep more. Maybe bears are on to something with their months of hibernation, but it’s unlikely many of us could make a practice of that. We can work with the extended darkness through our dreams, though, using that time to explore our inner world more deeply.

Our Dreamtime Somalixir is an excellent formula for enhancing dreams and the insights they give. It features the Mazatec herb Calea, which increases dream frequency, along with Mugwort to protect the dreamer and Silene to bring subconscious gifts to the waking world.

Mugwort alone can also be a powerful dream enhancer, and our Alchymical Initiatic of this classic herb eases you into sleep, but not too deeply, so that the active REM state is maximized. It is also considered very protective to travelers, in body and spirit.

To aid in “liftoff” from a physical to a subtle state, Wild Red Asparagus is revered as an herb that promotes flight. As we discussed in this article, it was used by Taoist sages to promote lightness in kung fu movement, and flight in dreams and shamanic work. Our Wild Red Asparagus Alchymical Initiatic creates a wonderful lightness when awake, and brings dreams of free flight to the sleeper.

This special Asparagus brings its gifts to our Flight Somalixir formula, which we created as a synergy of flying herbs from shamanic cultures around the world. Creating a wonderful sense of levity at all levels of being, Flight is supportive to dreamwork, astral travel during meditation, and even waking activities such as dance or martial arts.

One of the important herbs in our Flight formula is also one we work with individually- Petunia ‘Shanin’. A rare Ecuadorean cultivar of the well-known garden flower, Shanin is a nightshade, connecting to that family’s long list of herbs of flight, but creating that effect without the dangerous side effects found in Mandrake, Belladonna, and others of its kin.

Shanin creates a spinning sense of vertigo in the body, which becomes more heavy and far away as the spirit lightens and separates. As the ground seems to rush away, the movement of air is felt as a force to be ridden, all supported by this truly unique Initiatic.

Another herb we often work with for astral travels is Syrian Rue, which is in our Flight Somalixir, as well as several other formulas. More abrupt than Shanin, our Syrian Rue Alchymical Initiatic “snaps” the solid physical world away as if the floor has dropped, leaving the subtle body separate but contained and easily controlled by the Will. This makes it an excellent Spagyric for specific directed travel, as to a place of power or to connect with a teacher.

For accessing wisdom in another time, in your own timeline or an historical or future moment, our Tesseract Somalixir combines Syrian Rue’s “unhooking” quality with the flowing energy of Mayan Waterlily. This formula was named for the “wrinkle in time” described in the beloved children’s book, and it creates an openness in the present which allows connection to any other moment. It works especially well in conjunction with rhythmic sound such as drumming or the heartbeat.

Our Sacred Journey Somalixir also contains Syrian Rue, along with Rhodiola, used by Tibetan monks to give the body strength and as a spiritual food during long meditations and spiritual practices. This formula is very helpful for achieving trance states, healing journeys, and for divination.

For a less sharp but equally useful state of spirit travel, the classic Amazonian combination of Banisteriopsis caapi and Chacruna, known together as Ayahuasca, can be worked with Spagyrically for a more directed experience which is less of a physical ordeal than the tea version used in traditional ceremonies.

We offer several colours of Caapi, including the pair called White and Black, offering two poles of experience.

Our White Caapi Initiatic is the most uplifting, happy, and light of the four we work with, and is a friendly introduction to the Vine, as well as a good way to meet the plant before a tea-based ceremony, and to continue the connection with its intelligence after leaving the ceremonial space. White has a childlike sense of humour in the way its insights are presented, and is also protective and clearing to negativity.

Black Caapi, as you might expect, is darker in energy, stronger chemically and more intense experientially. It is traditionally used in magickal work, whether creating or defending from its effects, and our Alchymical Initiatic of it is supportive to solitary, inward depth work and shadow integration.

Traditionally, the Vine side of Ayahuasca is the “force” or “strength” aspect of the brew, the King, while the insights are brought by the “light” of the leaf of Chacruna, the Queen. Our Initiatic of Chacruna expresses these qualities, giving clarity and insights into patterns both inner and outer, most particularly of one’s place in the grand pattern of creation. Chacruna also brings awareness of non-physical beings such as spirits, and ancestors, who wait to offer us wisdom if we but reach out to take it.

Ancestors and loved ones who have gone before and passed away are the focus of the Celtic Samhain practice of connection with the “Beloved Dead”, a working which is traditionally aided by the herb Vervain. A Mercurial herb that opens connection to the ones who would teach and help you, while protecting you from less friendly “others”, our Vervain Initiatic is also useful for invocation and evocation work, especially when sound is used.