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February is nearly here, and it brings sweet sentiments of love, affection, and candy. The sugary snacks associated with Valentine’s Day may not be totally healthy, but the emotional sweetness they represent is an important part of life, and can be enhanced with Spagyrics for love, sensuality, and sexuality- 20% off in our store! Click here to go right to our sale page, or read on for more information.

Herbs have a long history of use to support and enhance sexual function on a physical level, and to strengthen devotion and love on the higher levels of being. Created to work on all three levels of being, from the most physical to the most spiritual, our Spagyrics can be perfect partners in your love life. Here are a few of our favourites:

Maca is a starchy tuberous root from the Andes, where it thrives despite the harsh climate, and gives resilience and toughness to those who consume it. Full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it is an energizing all-around tonic.

It has balanced action on the hormonal systems of men and women, and is considered an aphrodisiac. Our Essence of Maca has a food-like quality of rich sweetness, and is supportive to the health of the female reproductive system and breasts. Our eroSoma Maca is more stimulating to sexual drive in men and women, and building to passion and stamina.

Another herb we work with on two levels of Spagyric is Kava Kava. This root has a long history of use in Polynesia as a social tonic, bringing its friendly, relaxing energy to all kinds of gatherings, from wedding parties to war treaties. It is used to support coming together by different people, and it helps open all parties to positive connection.

Our Kava Kava Essence is relaxing and soothing, with a calming euphoria that helps overcome nervousness and anxiety. It also brings out Kava’s physical tonic support of the health of the sexual organs.

Our eroSoma Kava is more uplifting and energetic, and brings an outgoing sociability and playfulness to interactions.

Damiana is a famous herb of the Southwest US and Mexico, where it is made into a delicious liqueur that comes in a voluptuous Goddess-shaped bottle, and is a traditional wedding gift.

Our Damiana Essence promotes the vitality and health of the female system, along with urinary health in both sexes. This connects to the herb’s traditional use for the irritation known as “honeymoon cystitis”, as well as to its use as a fertility-booster.

Damiana as an eroSoma Nectar is more stimulating, as many herbs are at this higher level, especially to the nervous system and sense of touch. Used in small, frequent doses for a short period of time, this Nectar greatly enhances the pleasure of physical closeness, and also brings a creative, playful spark.

The Ayurvedic herb Shatavari tells us of her gifts right in her name- meaning “she with a hundred husbands”, it alludes to the stamina that it gives women who use this revered root.

Whether or not you want a hundred husbands, or just one, or none, our Shatavari Essence has a delicious, luscious quality of deep devotion and feminine strength that everyone can tap into for more meaningful connection. Also tonic to the kidneys and useful for dry, inflamed tissues, it is one of the best herbs for women’s health at all ages.

For the “yang” side of things, our Catuaba Essence is an aromatic, delicious tonic to vitality, fertility, and drive. Like Damiana, it is a nervous system stimulant, making the senses more acute and moving sexual energy more quickly. It is generally balancing to nervous energy, stimulating or calming as needed.

Another delicious South American tonic is Clavohuasca, which means “clove vine”, in reference to its warm spicy taste. Its aromatic and stimulant properties extract well in alcohol, and our eroSoma Clavohuasca expresses the vine’s aphrodisiac nature for both men and women, as well as being a performance-booster for men.

Our next Spagyric is another herb whose name tells it all- Horny Goat Weed. Discovered centuries ago in China by shepherds who noticed increased copulation in goats who had eaten it, this observation has been tested and supported in other animals, as well. Chinese medicine calls this plant Yin Yang Huo, and considers it the strongest, yet most balanced aphrodisiac for men and women. Our Horny Goat eroSoma is gently euphoric and increases tactile sensitivity, especially in the genital areas.

Cacao is well-known as the source of chocolate, perhaps the season’s most beloved token of affection. While sugary chocolate candies are not a healthy indulgence, cacao itself is full of antioxidants and tonic phytochemicals that make it a great choice as a regular treat.

Our Cacao eroSoma Nectar has the familiar rich flavour of cacao, along with a bit of sweetness from the Biodynamic grape alcohol it’s extracted in. Energetically, it is uplifting and sensual, and creates feelings of bliss thanks to its effects on the neurotransmitters associated with romantic love.

From both a taste and health perspective, the combination of Cacao and Vanilla is a wise one, as each brings out the best flavour and energy of the other. Our Mayan Lovers Somalixir is a simple blend of these two herbs, named after an ancient Mayan story about two ill-fated lovers who transformed into these special plants.

Cacao stimulates serotonin and anandamide, heady chemicals that give us the intoxicating bliss of romantic love. Vanilla carries chemistry similar to that given off by nursing mothers, and so brings a balance of nurturing love to the mix. Together, they are a delicious and balanced way to enhance the many apects of love and connection.

Another of our Somalixirs, Kundalini, is specific to the Tantric practice of transforming the raw sexual energy of the base chakras into a higher force for enlightenment by moving it up through the spine.

Saffron brings an uplifting, soaring quality to the energy, while Astragalus Seed keeps the force contained and directed so that it can be available for tantric work. Also supportive to Yoga, dance, and many other movement practices, Kundalini has a dramatic effect that can be felt right away.

Our final Spagyrics of this sale are a pair of Somalixirs which we designed to work in complementary ways. Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine each combine herbs which express the highest and purest energies of the god and goddess archetypes.

Sacred Masculine gathers its Yang power from Devil’s Club, a Northwestern Ginseng relative that speaks to the right use of power and the will. Confident and determined, this Somalixir carries an inner strength that is powerful but also balanced and kind.

Divine Feminine draws on a trio of herbs that represent the feminine energies of Virgin, Mother, and Crone. Balanced and solidifying, it connects with the timeless wisdom of the cyclical nature of the feminine, bringing insights and guidance along with a sense of poise and purpose.

These two Somalixirs can be used alone or in any combination or pairing that speaks to you, and we encourage couples and singles to try them both for a deeper understanding of each pole of energy, unrestricted by gender manifestations and expectations.