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Spring is an airy time of change, transition, mutable weather and the growth of life force. Archetypally, all these qualities connect with the energy of Mercury, the fastest planet.

In healing, Mercury rules the mind and respiratory system, along with general vitality and communication. To help breeze in this fluid, ethereal energy, we have put some of our Mercury-ruled Spagyrics on sale at 15% off.

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Ginkgo is well-known as an excellent brain tonic and rejuvenative, and our Ginkgo Spagyric Essence really quickens and enlivens the mind. It also protects the brain’s structure itself, and has been shown to both prevent and treat aging of the brain. Ginkgo is also used as a natural antihistamine, and has shown some libido-enhancing effects in women.

Yerba Santa grows in the dry areas of Northern California, and is a sticky, gummy-leaved shrub with a very aromatic taste. That taste, quite strong in our Spagyric Essence of Yerba Santa, is from its high quantities of bioflavonoids, which act to strengthen the delicate tissues of the mucous membranes and the small capillaries all over the body. This effect can be used to heal from allergies, colds, flu and other respiratory illness, as well as reactive or allergic conditions of the digestive tract.

Gotu Kola is one of two herbs called brahmi in India, because it is used by the Brahmins, or holy men, in their meditation. Our Gotu Kola Alchymical Initiatic calms and clears the mind, but also sharpens it, leaving a state of calm but aware tranquility and insight. Gotu Kola is also a long-term tonic to the brain and mind, and used for some skin conditions as well.

Bacopa is the other brahmi, and is more enlivening to the mind. It has powerful antioxidants that protect the brain tissue and increase thought, memory, and perception. Our Bacopa Spiritualized Essence is also very cleansing, removing free radicals from throughout the body and rejuvenating the whole system.

Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is a beloved herb in India and at our house. Planted around temples, it protects the space from negativity, which cannot cross its line of protection. Tulsi is one of the plant world’s best tonics, and acts to balance, heal, and cleanse nearly all the body’s systems and functions. Our Tulsi Magistery is great after a long day or in the middle of a busy one, to bring an inner quietude free from outer negativity, chaos and conflict.

Fennel is well-known as a spice, used in heavy foods for its digestive-stimulant properties. Fennel was one of the first herbs we made into a Magistery, and it has some very interesting properties. It is very quickening to the mind, thought, and energy, and reminds many people we know of less-healthy stimulants that they’ve used. We like to take our Fennel Magistery when we are speaking, as it really increases the speed of flow from thought to tongue.

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