Judging by the campers on the highways here, summer is in full swing and people are out, moving, and looking for fun. As always, we’re staying close to home, with some short forays to our local beaches, but spending most of our time gardening and working in the lab.

Whether your summer has you rolling down the road or hunkering down in the house, we have some energizing and supportive tonics for this expansive, vibrant season.

The first thing I think of for summer is my garden, and it takes a lot of energy to keep all those plants happy and producing. I find I reach for our Rise and Shine Somalixir in the mornings to get going while the day is young, and later on, I like our Ashwagandha Essence to sustain the afternoon chores.

Rise and Shine has Ashwagandha in it for physical strength and stamina, along with Rosemary and Rhodiola for mental sharpness and a bright mood. It’s perfect if tiredness is leaving you a little grumpy and foggy, as it lifts the gloom and brings back good cheer and vibrant energy.

Rhodiola is also a key component of our Altitude Somalixir, which we originally created for a client who leads spiritual tours in the Himalayas. Since then, it’s become a beloved tonic for groups in the Andes and Rockies, as well as for anyone who needs help functioning at higher altitudes. It supports the respiratory system’s gathering of oxygen from the air, and its efficient movement through the body to keep muscles functioning and the mind safe and sharp.

If I’m working especially late, or back when we traveled to events that went late in the night, I really appreciate our Ashwagandha Essence for its ability to help me sleep and wake up energized, especially if I had some of our Prince Ginseng a few hours before bed. This earthy-tasting root carries a deeply nourishing energy that is perfect for physical work that needs to be finished without creating insomnia later.

Paul’s favourite supports for summer and other busy times are Schizandra and Gynostemma. Schizandra is a sour berry used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an energizing tonic, but it’s also balancing to the adrenals, so it won’t create stimulation at the expense of your nerves and overall well-being.

Gynostemma is a plant also called Magic Grass for its full spectrum of healing and tonic properties. It’s an adaptogen with some of the same constituents as Ginseng, and it has a similarly broad range of actions. It increases oxygen and energy metabolism, tones the digestive system, balances nervous system function, and is a good anti-inflammatory.

Once the work or play is done, you might find yourself a bit sore and wishing for some stronger anti-inflammatory action- I know I do!

When shoveling or hiking have me sore and stiff, I depend on a two-part approach: Turmeric and Eucommia. Turmeric is famous as the orange spice in curry, and it is an amazing superfood and tonic to nearly every body system and function. It’s powerful anti-inflammatory gifts are especially helpful for joint pain and inflammation, as well as digestive imbalances.

Eucommia is less well-known outside of TCM, where its signature as the strong but flexible bark of a rubber tree shows its uses to support the connective tissues of the body. It brings strength and flexibility to the joints and structures, especially the back and knees, and works even better in conjunction with Turmeric.

Finally, for longer-term support of all your energy systems, physical and subtle, our Vitality Somalixir is a good choice. It includes several of the herbs we’ve been talking about here, bringing stamina and energy for physical activity, along with enlivening herbs for the mind to support it in a calm but clear state of cheer.

Wherever this summer’s adventures lead you, we hope you have a bright season of activity and energy, supported by our Spagyrics, of course!

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