Note that this sale has expired; we’re leaving the post up so that the information about these Spagyrics is available. To see what’s currently on sale, click here.

Shaking off the cold of winter, digging in the garden, going to the beach and camping- we need more energy to do all the things we enjoy as the warmer weather comes. And sometimes, we need a little extra help to get going- so we’re having a 20% off sale on some of our favourite energy tonics.

First, just what do we consider an energy tonic, and what is the difference between these Spagyrics and herbs that are simple stimulants?

As we discussed in a recent article, tonics are herbs that act in general, supportive, non-specific yet balanced ways on a collection of systems or functions in the body. That collection might be somewhat organized, such as tonics which primarily act on the digestion, like Turmeric, or tonics to the respiratory system, such as Cordyceps.

Even when the tonic’s actions are focused on one area or system, though, their direction of action is not narrow or specific. Turmeric can be used to treat diarrhea or constipation, for example, and Cordyceps is useful in both wet and dry lung imbalances.

So, energy tonics should work on our body’s system of vitality, movement, and all the functions needed for easy activity, even when you’re busier than usual. And, they should do so without causing another imbalance, such as a crash and tiredness later, or depletion from overstimulation.

There are many herbs that fit this need, and we have made Spagyrics of them, both singly and in formulas. Here are the ones on sale now:

AshwagandhaAshwagandha Spiritualized Essence expresses the best tonic properties of this wonderful Ayurvedic herb. It is quickly uplifting to both mood and energy, but at the same time, calming to adrenals and stabilizing to the whole system. It is very helpful when you get so tired that you slip into feeling “wired”, and brings both poles of imbalance back to center.

Schizandra is another adrenal tonic, revered in Chinese medicine as “five flavour berry”, as its complex taste of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy shows its balanced nature. Our Schizandra Spiritualized Essence is a more dramatic pick-me-up than the Ashwagandha, but it is still balanced and will not leave you depleted or jittery later. It is also a balanced immune and general protective tonic.

Gynostemma is called “magic grass” by the people in Southern China, who use it daily and attribute their health and longevity to its properties. Also called Jiaogulan, this herb is full of antioxidant and adaptogenic constituents, including many closely related to those in Ginseng. Our Gynostemma Spiritualized Essence is bitter, and its tonic effects boost energy and vitality, while also balancing digestion and metabolism.

All three of these single herbs are included in our new Vitality Somalixir, along with our new Solomon’s Seal and other herbs to support well-rounded energy, strength, mood, and well-being. This very Solar formula carries a warm, radiant energy of core strength, and sharpens the senses and mind for mental and physical tasks.

Our Rise and Shine Somalixir was originally created for mornings at events and festivals, when we and our fellow exhibitors would come in tired and sore from the work of the day before, but still needing to face more days of work with cheer and vigor. It uplifts the body with Ashwagandha and Prince Ginseng, while clearing and focusing the mind with Rosemary and Rhodiola.

Finally, our Qi Somalixir is a long-term tonic for people with busy lives in need of support (everyone, really!). This Somalixir is not as immediately boosting as the others, but it builds energy over time and fans of it find that after a bottle or two, they do not tire as quickly and are better able to recover from exertion and stress.

We hope these Spagyrics will support your busy summer, and your health and well-being in all seasons- click here to order some!

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