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New Spagyric : Vervain Alchymical Initiatic

Our newest Spagyric, an Alchymical Initiatic of Vervain,was inspired by my own Irish heritage and [...]


You have probably heard of vintages in the context of wine, on a label or [...]

Choices in Healing

When we first started this work, back in 1991, we made only a few Spagyrics, [...]


New Precious Woods Spagyrics

We’ve been really enjoying working with all the precious woods lately, and we have a [...]

Agarwood : three more Spagyrics

We just finished three more Spagyrics in our Agarwood series, and each is an individual, [...]

Initiatics : what to do

In our first three articles, we talked about some more and less useful ways of [...]


Initiatics : how they work

In our first article in this series, we talked about the often misguided expectations people [...]

Initiatics : what to expect

In our first article, I ranted a little about the general set of expectations that [...]

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Initiatics : what NOT to expect

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a rant. So, we get a call from [...]