We’re so excited to be part of two upcoming conferences- we hope you’ll come watch Micah’s talks!

Both conferences are online, with live and delayed viewing after the event, so you can catch our work and all the other amazing presentations, too. Click on the conference titles for more information & to register.

Botanica Obscura Conference – March 8-10

The Spirit in the Smoke: sacred resins and Initiatic Alchemy

Resins such as Frankincense and Myrrh have been revered for millennia as aids to spiritual connection, magickal workings, and health. Their smoke consecrates sacred space, gives spirits manifest form, and drives off illness and negative influence.

In our Alchemical lab, we’ve brought many resins through our Spagyric processing, creating Initiatic medicines to consecrate the inner temple and open consciousness for the workings of magick, meditation, and journeying.

In this lecture, I will explore the entheogenic chemistry of Frankincense and its enhancement of visionary states of connected bliss, and how Myrrh can help us integrate our most painful experiences, weaving together the light and dark within us.

I’ll share my experience with Mastic resin, which I have come to rely on as a powerful cleanser of inner and outer space for ritual, invocation, and ceremonial work. I will also talk about Amber, a fossil resin used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a protective to personal energy and the spirit of the heart, which keeps us collected and coherent in all our journeys.

All of these insights come from from my own experience of immersion in each resin as we worked with it: burning it in our sacred space, ingesting the raw resin in preparation for the lab work, sitting with the extractions as they revealed their intelligences, and using the completed Spagyric Initiatic internally to draw all those experiences together within the temple of the self.


Salem Witch Fest – March 22-24

Call and Response: Herbs for Magickal Communication

The deep intonation of an angelic name – the buzzy whistling of a plant’s Icaro song – the augury in the calls of crows – all of these magickal practices involve sound being created and received. The vibration of sound is a powerful tool in our workings, and it can be made even more so in partnership with initiatic plants.

In this lecture, we will explore a few of my favourite herbs for enhancing the voice and hearing for ritual and magical use. We will talk about Calamus, an ally for making spells both true and useful, and Heimia, a rare Mazatec herb for ancestor communication and Nature scrying.

I’ll share two flowers I love to work with for manifesting intent through mantra and automatic writing and trance speech- and both can be easily found at herb and tea shops. I will also talk about integrating a few more commonly-used magickal herbs and formulas which are not usually associated with sound work, but which can be brought into this practice.

This lecture will give a solid foundation for understanding the auditory and spoken aspects of magick in a new way, connecting to untapped aspects of familiar herbal beings, as well as exploring new plant allies to bring a richer sensory dimension to our practices.

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