To those of you who listened to my presentation- thank you! And thank you again to Kelly for opening her circle to our work and followers- if you’re not familiar with her work, you can check it out at her site.

If you haven’t heard it yet, or would like to listen again, here is the replay along with resources for you to delve further into the topics we covered, and into our work and lineage.

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About the Spagyrics we discussed


Our Rose Magistery is the most archetypally Venus Spagyric we make. With a heady, perfumed taste and an uplifting, open-hearted energy, it is a lovely ally for all works of Venus. I wrote about Rose for a recent installment of my Weed Love series, which you can read here.

Try it for artistic creation, connecting with others as friends or lovers, and as a base energy for any endeavour that you want to flow from your heart. It adds beauty and grace to your energy, which can then be used to magnetize your magickal imagination and actions of manifestation.

Rose Magistery is also a key note in our Heart Opener Somalixir.


“She with a hundred husbands” is the most treasured female tonic in Ayurveda. This asparagus root is supportive at all phases of life, from Maiden through Mother and into Crone. An aphrodisiac for couples, it is also used to connect with the Divine Mother of Nature.

While not a psychoactive herb, our Shatavari is very visionary, bringing coherence between the Heart center and perception. For nurturing and healing emotional trauma, our Shatavari combines well with our Western Bleeding Heart.

Sacred Lotus

This plant is revered as sacred in all cultures that know it, and it is particularly connected to Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion and discernment. Like Quan Yin, Lotuses retain their purity and divinity even in the murkiest water, and our Lotus Initiatic is a helpful ally for staying calm, collected and compassionate towards others and yourself. It brings perspective and the clarity of inner peace, even when life is chaotic.

Lotus is also an important Spagyric in our Divine Feminine Somalixir.

Blue Waterlily

Beloved by the Egyptians, this sky blue flower with its central rays of gold represented the sun in the sky, and so, rebirth from darkness. It grows as lilypads that float gently on the surface of the water, while its flowers rise into the light every morning, then dive back into the water each night.

Our Blue Waterlily Initiatic increases the lucidity of dreams when you are in them, and the usefulness of dream insights once you’re awake. It’s great for visioning changes or problem-solving, helping you draw wisdom from both darkness and light.

Our Midnight Sun Somalixir combines Blue Waterlily, Sacred Lotus, Amber and Pearl to create a circular flow of energy between the dark and light energy centers, useful for Taoist practice and meditation.


The most sacred offering of ancient cultures, this tree resin is used as incense in churches, temples, and ritual, and as medicine for both physical and spiritual healing. Its chemistry is complex, and includes constituents which slow and deepen the breath, calm the mind and lift the spirits, and create a feeling of warmth all over the body.

Our Frankincense Magistery works on the heart as an organ of Solar warmth and life, connecting it to the Heart Center of Venus, with its energy of devotion and the transcendental love of agape, as I discussed in this article.


This African herb is used for rites of passage, especially from childhood to adulthood as the old identity is grown out of and a new, adult person emerges.

Our Voacanga Initiatic is a stern but steady ally for seeing the patterns that hold you in negativity or stagnation, and in seeing what no longer serves you and how to let it go.

About the Planetary Archetypes

The Venus Circle is based around following the cycle of Venus in her orbit, and connecting with the different manifestations of Venus energy as she dances through the sky.

She is one of the seven classical planets of the ancients, which are the energetic template for all the work we do, as we discuss in this article. We offer many Spagyrics created under Venus’ rulership, which you can find here in our store.

About Spagyric Medicines

In my talk, I gave a brief outline of our system of working with plants, which Paracelsus created in the 15th century, and named Spagyrics. If you’d like to learn more about this work, here are some good starting points:

The Three Levels in Spagyrics : Body, Spirit, and Soul

About us

We are a couple, Micah and Paul, working together in life and the lab since 1991. Micah’s background is in herbalism and natural healing, and Paul’s is in Hermetics and Western esoterics. For more about what this work means to us, read these posts:

Marking a Milestone : our 25th Anniversary

More to Listen To

If you enjoyed the Venus Circle conversation, you might also like listening to other interviews and presentations I’ve given. Go to this page for links to streaming and archived talks, and watch that list for new ones being added soon.


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