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We all need some support of our mental sharpness and functioning from time to time, whether it’s time to return to the School year, or just the day-to-day tasks we have to keep track of.

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As you might guess, Oatstraw is made from the straw of the oat plant, the same plant humans have relied on for food for 3,000 years. The straw and other parts of the plant have also long been used as medicine, particularly for nerve and brain disorders.

Oatstraw works at a deep, restorative level, supporting the nutritive needs of nerve and brain tissue and helping to protect and rebuild these cells. Oatstraw is also a mildly calming and clarifying herb, and our Oatstraw Essence is very popular as an aid to quitting smoking.

ginkOn the more energizing side, the elegant leaves of the ancient Ginkgo tree bring clarity of thought, accelerated learning and recall, and long-term protective effects to the brain and nervous system.

Ginkgo thins the blood and increases its circulation, and hence, oxygenation, to the brain. Our Ginkgo Essence is a great choice for studying, difficult mental tasks, and as a tonic to continued brain health.

Our Autumn Ginkgo Spiritualized Essence is lower in the stimulating aspects of the leaf, while containing more antioxidants, and in our experience, it is more grounding and centering to mental energy than the green.

Rosemary also offers brain-protective chemicals- more than a dozen different antioxidants are in its fragrant leaves, and most have greatest effect on the brain. Long called the “herb of memory”, Rosemary was used at weddings and funerals, as well as by students as far back as ancient Rome.

Our Rosemary Essence has a bright, aromatic flavour and brings a nice balance of quickness and steadiness of thought. It’s also a tonic to the respiratory and digestive systems, warming the whole body and increasing circulation.

Our Rosemary Spiritualized Essence is more bitter, showing Rosemary’s tonic side, and we find it well-suited for building mental powers over time, and for proactive use as a tonic.

Many people (including us) laugh at the name of our Bling Somalixir. Paul was challenged to make a formula matching the feeling of just the word “bling”, and to him, it made him think of bright flashes of energy in the brain.

Our Bling Somalixir contains Celastrus for it’s “cobweb-clearing” effects, Lion’s Mane for sharpness of mind, and Quararibea for the tingly spark it seems to give to thought. Bling is supportive of true multi-tasking, in which focus needs to shift quickly but deeply from one task to another.

Celastrus alone is also an excellent brain herb, and its name in Ayurveda, Magzsudhi, means “brain clearer”. We have certainly relied on our Celastrus Initiatic to clear out the cobwebs from a long or busy night and bring us into a bright morning, mentally speaking.

Its energy turned inwards, Celastrus clears out spiritual cobwebs and is useful for observing thoughts with clarity and insight. It also supports intellectual-spiritual disciplines such as Qabalah or complex chanting.

Gotu Kola is another brain tonic with a spiritual side; it is even named Brahmi, after the Brahmans, or holy men of India, who use it. Gotu Kola brings a wonderful balanced state of calm clarity, in which the mind is clear enough for contemplation, but calm enough for stillness.

Our Gotu Kola Initiatic is popular with people who are mentally muddled by stress, and many report that the calm it brings makes the thoughts more clear and sharp, and less lost in chatter and static. We also like it for the slight detachment and easygoing feeling it brings.

Finally, Sugandi, the “fragrant one”, is another Ayurvedic plant, with roots that taste like incense and bring mental and emotional equilibrium. It clears and calms the mind, much like Celastrus, but with a more soothing effect.

Our Sugandi Inititatic is also a deep tonic to transcendent and visionary states, whether in meditation or through dreams. It has a wonderful way of aligning the insights from those etheric states with the thoughts and mental processes of the more mundane world, making those insights concrete and understandable even in ordinary consciousness.