We have long enjoyed working with the beautiful and powerful fossil resin, Amber. Our Baltic Amber was the first mineral Spagyric we created, over 15 years ago, and it remains a favourite of our customers.

Baltic Amber is protective and calming, creating a sphere of peaceful strength around you, regardless of the energies you move through in your day. It will not isolate you from the energies of others, but it will help you connect and relate without taking on other peoples’ “stuff” as your own. For this reason, it is a great support for healers of all types. This Amber is the oldest in the world, formed in the Eocene era, 34 million years ago.

After working with the Baltic for a time, we continued our explorations of Amber, creating Spagyrics of two more types: Dominican and Chiapas Green. Like different plants, which these special gems were many, many millennia ago, each has a different signature of healing energy.

Chiapas is from a green amber, which was used by the Maya to protect babies and children. It is opening to the flow of Qi through the meridians, and facilitates acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki, and other modalities that heal by moving energy.

Our new Dominican Amber has a protective quality that is more filtering, aggressively pushing out harmful energies, but at the same time, allowing in qualities that you choose to call on. It balances protection with openness, and allows each person using it to be supported by whatever is helpful, but protected from any harmful influences.

As anyone who knows us can attest, we love delving deeply into collections of substances, like the five types of Agarwood we work with to our three different Waterlilies. Spagyric work draws out and magnifies the deepest and most subtle properties of the subjects, and so plants and minerals which seem only marginally different on the surface can be very distinct in effect in a completed Spagyric.

Following this impulse with Amber, we’ve created three new Amber Spagyrics, two from new Ambers, and one a new batch of a previous type. A few days ago, we sat down and had a tasting, one after the other, which was both fun and educational!

Our new batch of Chiapas Green is earthy and even rubbery, somewhat like Myrrh. The internal image from this one is the Sun symbol, a central dot of collected energy in the heart center, surrounded by a strong periphery of radiance. This seems to be the most Solar in energy of all the Ambers, very warming, and also energizing to the eyes. This Amber was formed during the Miocene era, 24 million years ago.

Also from the Miocene, our new Borneo Amber has a rich, almost starchy and nutritive taste. It is also a bit like Shilajit, the nourishing mineral tar from the Himalayas. The inner image for the Borneo experience is the Caduceus, a central staff with wings. The energy of this one reminded us of a bird unfolding its wings into flight, not like the flight itself, but the expectation of takeoff. In some ways, it is similar to the Shen-lifting properties of our Albizzia, and we think this Amber would be excellent for getting new projects “off the ground”.

A newer Amber, from the Pleistocene era just 1 million years ago, our Kenyan Amber is sweet, aromatic, and also a bit earthy. It is not piney or resinous like the others, but more of a balsam taste. Its energy is centering, creating a protected core of containment of Shen, much like our Astragalus Seed. This could be useful for those who are drained and depleted by stress, as well as for maintaining a link to the true inner self.

We hope you enjoyed this journal of our own tour of Ambers, and invite you to join us at Green Festival in November for your own exploration. We’d love to share them with you and hear about your experiences!

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