Here are some basic tips on dosing, storage, and using our Spagyrics. To go even deeper, see this post on connecting with their intelligences on more subtle levels.


The basic dosage is listed under each product’s category description, and on the label. Unless advised otherwise by your health professional, follow the dosage listed. More is not better!

How to take them

Spagyrics are living medicines, conveying the life of the plant to you. To accomplish this, they need to connect with your energy- so take them directly under your tongue. They can be intense, but we often hear that a Spagyric that once tasted terrible to someone became a delicious treat after working with it and receiving healing from it.

To dispense, open the outer cap and tip the bottle (don’t tap or shake it), and drops will slowly come out. You can also dispense them into a non-conductive spoon.

When your bottle gets close to the end, the drops may not come out as easily. You can try prying out the clear dropper insert to get a few more doses before you reorder more.

Their energy and effectiveness is dispersed and greatly reduced if they are added to any other substance, such as water or tea, or if the alcohol is removed. Traditionally, Spagyrics were taken in wine, which carries a life force.

For pets, children, or other sensitive beings, they can be added to any live food or drink, such as yogurt, kombucha, kefir, etc.


Our Spagyrics should be kept away from any strongly-scented items, and out of extreme heat or sun. Some people store them on an altar, with reverence for health as the most sacred gift we have. Like a fine wine, which is also alive, Spagyrics are good indefinitely, and may even improve and become stronger with age.

About Alcohol

Alchemically, alcohol is the Spirit and carries the life force of the plant through processing and into the Spagyric. We use a very high quality alcohol in our work, either grain (non-GMO), or Biodynamic Grape for higher Spagyrics. There is more alcohol in a ripe banana than in a dose of our Spagyrics, but if the alcohol bothers you, try taking fewer drops more frequently.

Connecting to the Spagyric

Each time you take one of our Spagyrics, take a few moments to think about what you are taking, for what purpose, and what you are hoping for. This focuses your intent, creates a magical affirmation, and is a request for help to the plant kingdom, which they will answer if they know what is expected of them.

Remember, you are creating a relationship with the plant your Spagyric is introducing you to. Working mindfully joins that plant’s spirit to yours and vitalizes you with the intelligence of Nature, the source of all health. You can read more about cultivating this relationship here.


Like all living things, our Spagyrics have birth times. Every new vintage is different than past ones, as plants change and the processes of the lab interact with the processes of the cosmos.

Within a vintage, there is also change over time, and your relationship to your Spagyrics will change as you live together.

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