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The nights are getting longer and the days shorter, while at the same time, more festive and hurried. The holidays must be upon us! So many factors come together this time of year that we find ourselves reaching for all kinds of Spagyric support: for digestion, immune defenses, energy, and mood.

This season’s sale is 20% off Spagyrics to support your health and cheer- click here to go right to our sale page, or read on for more information- below, we talk about our mood-supporting Spagyrics on sale, digestive tonics are discussed in this article, and this post talks about immune boosters.

Our bodies aren’t the only level of being that can feel assaulted this time of year, and Spagyric philosophy is uniquely well-suited to understanding and healing the subtle aspects of the self along with the physical. If your emotional and mental states need support, we’ve got you covered!

The busy rush of the holidays can be fun, especially when you’re reconnecting with loved ones and sharing the joy that brings. But, the natural energy of winter is one of quiet and contemplation, if we can just make time for that.

If you’re feeling pulled in these conflicting directions, our Kava Kava Essence can bring you an inner state of peace and calm, even as you continue your revels. Kava is a famous root from the tropical Pacific, where it is used in ceremony for many reasons. Especially good at bringing harmony to groups, Kava tea is drunk at treaty meetings and weddings to bring everyone into a peaceful and agreeable state.

Once everyone is in a good mood, why not connect even more deeply and really be together in a loving and heart-centered way? Our Heart Opener Somalixir is a delicious formula based on Cacao and Rose for their energies of affection and devotion, along with Gemstone Oil of Ruby to bring a warm spark of passion to the mix. Heart Opener is wonderful for staying in a centered and loving place no matter what happens around you, whether you take it alone or share it with those you love.

If uplift is what you need right now, consider Rhodiola. This tonic root from Tibet is used by the monks during long cycles of religious practice, and they consider it both an adaptogen to the body and a spiritual food. Rhodiola supports the body with an energy boost from increased oxygenation, and it uplifts the mind and mood through its increase of endorphins. These chemicals are our body’s own molecules of happiness, released when we are in love, perform healthy exercise, or eat spicy foods. This is a different action than the serotonin increase that St. John’s Wort creates, and our Rhodiola Initiatic seems to be especially suited for depression that comes with the shorter days of winter.

Rhodiola is a key herb in many of our formulas, and we have found it to both support and magnify the healing properties of other plants. Our Bliss Somalixir is an example of this, with Rhodiola, Lavender and Linden working together to bring an uplifted yet relaxed euphoria with just the right balance of energy and clarity. Also a great headache remedy, the floral taste of Bliss really moves the mood in a brighter direction.

Finally, if you don’t need mood support that is as specifically directed as the previous Spagyrics, consider Waterfall Calamus. As with herbs for energy and immunity, there are plants which direct the mental body in specific, targeted ways, as well as herbs that act more like tonics or adaptogens to mood.

Traditional Chinese Medicine gives us a very sophisticated understanding of this concept, which they call Shen. Shen is one of the three treasures, along with the Qi and Jing. Qi rules our overall vitality, Jing encompasses fertility and creativity, and Shen rules the peaceful stability and strength that resides in the Heart. Shen is the source of the other two treasures, and when it is disturbed by stress, illness, lack of sleep, or other imbalances, we become tired and depleted.

Shen tonics are herbs which are not in themselves sedative, but which build the body-mind’s ability to remain calm and collected in the face of daily stresses. There are many excellent Shen tonic Spagyrics in our store, but we feel the most versatile is Waterfall Calamus. This herb grows in the negative-ion rich environment of mountain waterfalls, and that image captures its energy perfectly. Just as water collects in a pool before it flows over the cliff, we can collect our Shen in a still, deep place so that, even as we tumble through chaos, we move with grace and flow.

Like the immune adaptogens we discussed in this article, Waterfall Calamus is best taken regularly as a preventative to the stress response and the illnesses it can cause. Many of our customers tell us that, after a week or so of using our Waterfall Calamus Initiatic, they look back and realize that many situations arose that would have been likely to upset them, but which didn’t, even though they did not feel sedated or slowed. And, just as Qi can be built up so that physically demanding days can be met with strength, building Shen over time allows us to act from the truer wisdom of the calm, peaceful Heart center.

Since this season’s health needs can be complex, besides this sale on emotional balancing herbs, we also have Spagyrics for digestive health on sale, as well as specials to support your immune defenses.