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The weather is warming and the roads are packed with RVs- it must be the start of summer vacation! We’ve got a sale on Spagyrics to support your journeys and adventures: Body, Spirit and Soul. Click here to go right to our sale page, or read on for more information.

Maybe you’re an adrenaline-junkie type with visions of mountains to scale, seas to dive into, or skies to dive out of. Or, perhaps you’re working hard on workouts at home, from marathon races to long hikes. Either way, your body needs support to do what you ask of it.

Our Moringa Spiritualized Essence is made from a wonderful tonic superfood tree that a student introduced us to years ago. Nutritious and fortifying, Moringa leaves are very high in vitamins C and A, along with calcium, potassium, and protein.

Besides this great body-fueling nutrition, Moringa feeds the energy and vitality, too, and a dose of our Spagyric makes you want to get up and work hard physically, without feeling depleted afterwards.

If the Moringa inspires you to climb the nearest mountain, our Altitude Somalixir formula will support you all the way to the top! We created this formula for a friend who leads hiking tours in the Himalayas, and he shares it with all his clients, who swear by its usefulness in supporting energy and good oxygenation while preventing headaches and other symptoms of altitude sickness.

At the end of the day, when you’re resting from the adventures so far and looking forward to the next round, our Eucommia Spiritualized Essence and Essence of Turmeric will help you recharge and repair.

Eucommia is a Chinese herb used to support the connective tissues, especially those of the knees and lower back. A rubber tree, the signature of Eucommia’s stretchy bark is strength with flexibility- just what is needed after strenuous work.

Turmeric works wonderfully in conjunction with Eucommia, adding its own powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and healing deeper into the joints. Turmeric is also an excellent tonic to digestion, which can be challenged by travel and “roughing it”.

If pursuits of the mind and spirit are more your vacation style, Spagyrics can help support learning, focus, and creativity as you head to your art retreat, craft camp, or educational conference.
Our Mega Brain Somalixir formula supports mental clarity, sharpness, and improved memory, and is also a nice pick-me-up for a tired mind. Try it when learning a new skill or honing an old one, or to make sure you get all you can out of lectures and workshops.

No matter how excited you are about your educational getaway, these events tend to require us to sit still and pay attention for much longer spans of time than at home in our normal busy lives.
To support a centered state, calm from fidgeting and wandering thoughts, but still clear and focused, try Here and Now Somalixir. As the name implies, it brings your awareness, energy, and mental processes to one collected point, where it’s easy to stay focused on one topic or activity deeply and for a long time.

Finally, for those who take this time off for deep relaxation and recuperation, we’ve chosen a few Spagyrics that will bring a new level of serenity to your Yoga practice, meditation retreat, or a spa visit.

Asana Somalixir was named after the positions taken in the practice of Yoga, each of which has its own meaning and gift. Asana opens the body at a deep level, allowing stretching and movement with ease and preventing resistance as pain or inflammation. Relaxing to the breath and mind, working with Asana will drop you into a peaceful state of flow in your practice.

Hibiscus relates to sound, especially in Ayurvedic spirituality, where it is known as “Japa”. That word also signifies the practice of repeating the words of a mantra as a form of meditation, and our Hibiscus Alchymical Initiatic creates a dynamic balance between calm openness to the words and the mental focus needed to follow their complexity. Hibiscus is also believed to assist in the fruition of the mantra and the goal it is being practiced for.

Finally, even if your vacation is a journey of the Soul, your body got you there and is carrying you through it, and it deserves some support, too. We’ve found that spa and health retreats can bring about powerful cleansing and release; healing and useful, but sometimes hard on the body.

To help your metabolism efficiently deal with the wastes stirred up by cleansing practices, Red Root Essence supports the lymphatic system so that it can cleanse without creating reactions and allergic response. After a long sauna, deep massage, or sweaty Yoga session, Red Root will keep the wastes moving out so that you remain energized and healthy and return home rejuvenated!

Whatever your summer brings you, and however you support yourself in this active season, we hope you enjoy lots of sun, fun, and vibrant good times!