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Happy Easter!

We’re reviving this article from our archives in time for True Easter, which in 2024 [...]

Planetary Rulerships : Canon & Creativity

Many people ask about the planetary archetype system which we work with as a foundation [...]

New Sacred Resins

Our fascination for working with sacred resins from around the world continues with four new [...]

Dew & the Fire of Nature

This is the beginning of dew season around here, the time each year when we [...]


Qi : the Vital Flow

We are continuing our Three Treasures series with a discussion of Qi and tonics to [...]

What are Spagyrics?

To many of you, knowing and supporting our work for so long, that may seem [...]


Herbs’ qualities on the decline?

We’ve noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in our lab work with plants, and we’re wondering [...]


Agarwood : three more Spagyrics

We just finished three more Spagyrics in our Agarwood series, and each is an individual, [...]

Amber : the Electric Fossil

Revered since ancient times, Amber has been used in jewelry, medicine, and trade for thousands [...]


Sharing the Soma

If you have stopped by our booth at an event, you’ve been in a vibrant, [...]