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Welcoming the Dark Half

We’re supposed to get our first substantial rains this week, the rains they call the [...]

Mind + Body Sale

As September arrived, so did the rain, and along with it, the first hints of [...]

Strength in the Heart & the heart

February is celebrated as a month of Heart energy because of its holiday, Valentine’s Day. [...]

Levels of Subtlety

Our customers often ask about the three levels of Spagyric that we offer- what is [...]

Flower Power

We had our April showers, and we’re still having showers now that it’s May, but [...]

Take Heart!

For obvious reasons, February is heart health month, and so we see messages all around [...]

Everybody Hurts : part three

In the first article in this series, I talked about some classic painkilling herbs from [...]

Everybody Hurts : part two

In the first article in this series, I discussed some classic painkilling herbs from our [...]

Everybody Hurts (sometimes)

A few weeks ago, a dear friend asked me for some help with the chronic [...]

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New Spagyric : Bee Balm

Earlier this year a “new” plant came across our radar and it sounded so interesting [...]