As a Hermetic science, Alchemy follows the ancient dictum, “As above, so below; as below, so above”. Alchemically, all of Nature around us is a reflection of a higher, divine order, and that higher order holds the archetypes of all physical creation.

Anything observed or experienced in our physical world is ruled by one of the planetary archetypes; this means that the archetype encompasses certain qualities and attributes also found in the things it rules. The currents of influence between the planets above and the things they rule on earth (including plants) can be studied, understood, and used at will. In our lab, all of our processing takes place on specific days and times proper to the rulership of each herb, and each herb emerges from its Alchymical processing as a carrier of that planetary energy in magnified form.

When used for healing, these carriers of the planetary energy bring not just physical balance within the personal sphere of the body and life, but a harmony within the larger sphere of creation and its myriad influences. Like plants, we are part of a larger whole, and that sphere which includes us but is also larger than us is where healing ultimately takes place.

The seven classical planets and their energies are:

Moon: water, cycles, and the unconscious, ruler of Monday

Mars: strength, defenses, and the Will, ruler of Tuesday

Mercury: movement, communication, and breath, ruler of Wednesday

Jupiter: expansion, judgment, and digestion, ruler of Thursday

Venus: love, beauty, and refinement, ruler of Friday

Saturn: restriction, structure, and time, ruler of Saturday

Sun: warmth, the ego, and circulation, ruler of Sunday

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