We’re getting ready for our own workings during the upcoming Solar Eclipse on October 14, and we’d like to share a few ideas of how you can connect with this unique energy of the union of opposites.

Our Unity Somalixir is a good start, bringing a feeling of oneness, balance, and openness to the energies around you. Especially helpful for groups practicing together, this would be a great Spagyric to kick off your Eclipse watch party!

As the Sun and Moon approach each other and the alignment that creates the Eclipse, working with each of their energies separately can be an interesting way to create energetic tension within your own polarities. Our Magisteries are the most archetypal expression of the pure planetary intelligences, and our Clary Sage and Frankincense Magisteries are our favourite expressions of the Lunar and Solar currents.

As the moment of alignment happens and the sky darkens (if you’re in a place where that will happen), our Midnight Sun can help bring the separate gifts of Sun and Moon together within your energy system, for you to tap into with circulation exercises like Qi Gong or the Microcosmic Orbit. And to expand that influence outwards into the Macrocosmic, consider our limited Midnight Sun – Eclipse Edition for an extra charge from Oil of Gold and Silver, made during the last Eclipse.

Finally, as the alignment progresses and the energies start to recede, call on our Surrender to help you let go of anything that you would like to see “eclipsed” and sent to fade away into darkness. Bad habits, negative thoughts, unhelpful attachments and health imbalances- anything you would like to let go of can be released with some deep breathing, bodywork Yoga, or just mindfulness as you sit with this Somalixir.

Wishing you all the blessings of the warm golden Sun and deep, gentle Moon!


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