As a Hermetic system, Alchemy and Spagyrics is guided by the basic tenet:

As above, so below; as below, so above

What this means in theory is that every being and thing here on earth is a reflection of larger, archetypal energies organized as the intelligences of the seven classical planets. What it means in practice is that everything we make is worked on at specific days and times to coalesce the proper moment of planetary energy into the final Spagyric.

In this way we create medicines that act as a link in a great chain of being between the physical and subtle bodies and the planetary rulers of those inner spheres of influence. It’s one way that the plant’s gifts are brought from its life in the field to a new life in the bottle.

Every Spagyric we make receives this larger context of energy through our timing and attunement processes, but sometimes, we also create special products that reflect alignments back up at the macrocosm. We think of it as a reply to the archetypes of the planets, our part in an ongoing conversation about their actions here on earth, and our own work to capture and magnify the gifts they send us.

We’ve created Spagyric formulas for all kinds of events, including planetary alignments, significant sacred calendar dates, and many eclipses, both Solar and Lunar.

On the last total Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, we created a special mineral combination of Oils of Gold and Silver, brought together as the two heavenly bodies united and darkened the sky. Since then, it’s been aging and receiving the ongoing cycles of Sun, Moon, and all the planets as they cycle above us. In preparation for the upcoming Solar eclipse on October 14, we have been tasting it and sitting in meditation with it, exploring its energies and how they have changed in the last six years, and we have decided to share it with you!

We’ve created a special Eclipse Edition of our Midnight Sun Somalixir, itself inspired by the marriage of the Sun and Moon and the unifying of opposites within the energy body. Named after Paul’s store in Boulder where we met, it draws on both Sacred Lotus and Blue Waterlily, as well as gemstone extracts of Amber and Pearl, to create a quality of flow that is so circular and complete that it creates a still point within. Midnight Sun helps bridge the energetic points known as the Jade Pillow, at the back of the skull, and the Third Eye in the forehead. Bridging dark moon and light, Sun and Moon in dynamic tension, it is especially useful for Qi Gong and other types of energy circulation such as the Microcosmic Orbit.

Adding Silver and Gold Oils to our Midnight Sun brings a more timeless, eternal quality to this dance, as minerals partake of much longer growth cycles than plants, and carry more archetypally planetary intelligences because of that. In our tastings, this special edition activates the same inner orbit as the original version, but it also draws that circle higher and more outwards to encompass the heavenly bodies as well- a sort of Macrocosmic Orbit.

Midnight Sun – Eclipse Edition can be used for any working that would be supported by a greater connection to the moment of unity that the Eclipse creates in our sphere. That could include unity between two people here on earth, reflecting the dance in the heavens, or more coherence between any two aspects of the self that have opposing polarities. I also like using Eclipses to “eclipse” unwanted influences in my life, using the shadow of the Moon as it obscures the Sun to aid in the fading away of bad habits, unhelpful thoughts, health imbalances, and more.

Midnight Sun – Eclipse Edition is available now while supplies last, limited to just 15 bottles in our new convenient spray tops. We’re keeping to a strict limit of one bottle per customer, since we want as many people as possible to have a chance to work with it. Order soon to be sure you get a bottle in time for the big event!

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