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In part one of this article, we discussed physical-level immune boosters and digestive and respiratory tonics, all on sale to support your health through the cold season. To see everything that’s on sale right now, click here for our store’s sale page, or read on for more seasonal tonics.

We talked about fighting off invaders such as colds and flu, but it’s even better to prevent illness from taking hold to begin with. For this sale, we also have some tonic Spagyrics which are suitable for long-term use, starting as soon as possible and continuing through until Spring, if needed.

Astragalus Root is a Chinese herb which is considered one of the best immune- and vitality-supporting tonics possible. It acts in a very intelligent way, helping the body fight off infections by increasing immune response, but never increasing it too much or in an overactive way.

This makes our Astragalus Root Spiritualized Essence a good choice for proactive support through the cold season, as well as for balancing the immune system in any direction, whether it is slow to respond and vulnerable to illness, or overreactive, causing allergies. It’s sweet and easy to take, also, bringing together all of the classic criteria for a true tonic herb.

Another class of medicinal beings which act in very intelligent ways comes to us from the kingdom of fungi. Medicinal mushrooms share many genetic properties with animals like us, and are subject to many of the same invaders as our immune systems. In many ways, their defenses are a better match for our needs than plant immune-boosters, and they tend to act in more balanced and adaptable ways, better for long-term use or when complex immune problems are present.

Turkey TailOur Defense Somalixir contains the immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory power of Turkey Tail, Mesima, Birch Polypore, and five more medicinal mushrooms, along with select plants that support their effects.

This well-rounded combination is very helpful for remaining strong, healthy, well-defended against pathogens, and energized and in good cheer throughout the year.

Bringing together a physical and emotional boost, our Vitality Somalixir is a combination of herbs for energy, such as Ashwagandha and Schizandra, along with cheering plants like our Rosemary Magistery. All together in this formula, these herbs help support energy, stamina, strength, and good mood.

If cheer and a positive outlook are hard for you to find this time of year, you’re not alone- this is one of the most common requests for help we get each year starting about now. Our first suggestion for most people is Rhodiola, a Tibetan tonic root used by the monks as a spiritual food in support of their long cycles of meditation and chanting.

Rhodiola is an adaptogen, and so also helps with energy and vitality, but as a mood-supporting herb, it really shines. It boosts endorphins, the natural chemicals in our bodies that create blissful uplift, and in our experience, it works on seasonal depression much faster and more effectively than St. John’s Wort. Our Rhodiola Alchymical Initiatic brings a sense of wonder to the mind and heart, working quickly to turn a dark mood into one of happiness with the simple joys of life.

Combining well with Rhodiola, or excellent on its own, the Ayurvedic herb Tulsi balances mind and body by clearing out stagnation and negativity, bringing a light and free energy to all levels of being.

Tulsi is grown around temples in India, since it is believed that negativity can’t pass it. Internally, our Tulsi Spiritualized Essence feels like opening a window to let the air and sunshine in. It clears out mental cobwebs, dissipates negative emotions and thoughts, and it’s also a great adaptogen with healing effects all over the body.

Finally, for support of the true core of all the treasures of the self, our Shen Somalixir is a formula to consider for this season, or all year. Shen is one of the three treasures of Chinese medicine, along with Qi and Jing. Shen resides in the heart as a well of strength and calmness, and it is the source and protector of the energy of Qi and the creative vitality of Jing.

Supporting your Shen is similar to supporting your physical energy by using herbs such as Ginseng, or building fertility with Jing herbs like Rehmannia. You’re creating a store of a very important quality that you can draw on as needed to remain balanced. In the case of Shen, it’s a reserve of calm strength and equanimity that will be there to support you when life gets hectic, difficult, or stressful.

Our Shen Somalixir has Waterfall Calamus, an herb that helps you flow with changes and difficult transitions in a flexible and graceful way. Albizzia uplifts the heart when it becomes heavy with care or worry, and Baltic Amber defends you against others’ energy that is not useful to you. Together, and with other supportive herbs, they help you stay collected in your best and most balanced place, no matter what happens all around you.