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Levels of Subtlety

Our customers often ask about the three levels of Spagyric that we offer- what is [...]

Winter Tonics

The weather here on the Oregon coast never gets cold, exactly, but it does get [...]

Weed Love : Elder

We’re deep into berry season here, with the blueberries almost done, although strawberries continue to [...]

Continuum of Healing : thoughts on coronavirus responses

Our first round of Spagyric Essences to address the global health crisis we’re all experiencing [...]

Spagyrics for Immune Support

Immune support- it’s a hot topic right now! Although we will admit the news is [...]


Weed Love : Red Root

For this edition of Weed Love, I’m looking a bit outside our own property for [...]

Weed Love : Calendula

As always, this edition of weed love was inspired by the plant itself- specifically, a [...]

Immune Boosters for the Season

As the cold, wet season wears on, we all hope to avoid catching whatever airborne [...]

New Spagyrics : Echinacea and Tesseract

We’ve been busy this Spring, what with setting up our new home and lab, working [...]

New Spagyrics : Male & Immune Tonics

Tongkat Ali is an herb from Indonesia and Malaysia, where it is considered an excellent [...]