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Weed Love : Passionflower

We recently re-discovered our love for passionflowers when we finally found some to plant here [...]

Solar Medicine

As I write this, our sweet dog is snoring next to me, tired after a [...]

Weed Love : Melissa

Every morning when I go out to greet our garden, I am surprised by how [...]

Strengthening Essences

As the weather warms and some areas of our country start to open up again, [...]

Weed Love : Fennel

Fennel’s presence in our coastal ecosystem is complicated! It’s honestly pretty invasive, spreading aggressively through [...]

Weed Love : Elder

We’re deep into berry season here, with the blueberries almost done, although strawberries continue to [...]

Everybody Hurts : part three

In the first article in this series, I talked about some classic painkilling herbs from [...]

Black, White, Yellow, Red

Meditating on a theme for a recent talk with Caroline Casey’s Trickster Council, the first [...]

Everybody Hurts : part two

In the first article in this series, I discussed some classic painkilling herbs from our [...]

Continuum of Healing : thoughts on coronavirus responses

Our first round of Spagyric Essences to address the global health crisis we’re all experiencing [...]