Urban Dreamscape and the Oneironauticum are fascinating projects connecting the dream experience with life in the waking world. Created by Jennifer Dumpert, Urban Dreamscape is a practice of exploring the dream world as a geographical landscape, and the physical landscape as a dreamspace geography.

Connected to this work, the Oneironauticums are gatherings of people dreaming together (physically or over distance) on the same night, with a set intention, and using aids such as herbs or Al-Kemi Spagyrics.

The collaboration between the Oneironauticum dreamers and Al-Kemi started on January 31, with the dreamers working with our Xhosa Dream Plant Alchymical Initiatic.

We have had some very remarkable and strange experiences with this Spagyric, and have heard many stories of powerful dreamwork with this ally.

Some interesting reports have come in from the Xhosa dreaming, and we are excited about being part of this project. The dream reports can be read here, and if you would like to learn more about Jennifer’s work, visit her site.

Two more Oneironauticums are planned with our Spagyrics:
February 28, working with Dreamtime Somalixir
March 28, working with Waterlilies Somalixir

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