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Guiding Wisdom

Guardian angel, higher self, spirit guide, still small voice- all of these concepts share the [...]

Know Thyself : Join the Free Course!

Many years ago when we first created our School, we decided that before students learned [...]


Trickster Medicine for Imbolc

Greetings tricksters and allies! I’m so glad you’ve joined us for our mid-winter/end-of-winter collaboration! We [...]

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Welcome to the Venus Circle!

To those of you who listened to my presentation- thank you! And thank you again [...]

We’re All in this Dream Together Radio- part one

On Thursday, I was the guest on the always-funny, ever-insightful Caroline Casey’s Visionary Activist Radio [...]

Al-Kemi on the Radio

In the last month, we have had the exciting fun of being guests on two [...]

Choices in Healing

When we first started this work, back in 1991, we made only a few Spagyrics, [...]


Dreamflights & Travels

Reports from the last Oneironauticum are posted over at Urban Dreamscape, and it sounds like [...]

Rest in peace, Michael

We just found out the sad news that the great herbalist, teacher, and plant elder [...]


Silene : Dreaming in White

The first Oneironauticum in San Francisco had the dreamers working with our Spagyric Initiatic of [...]

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