In the last month, we have had the exciting fun of being guests on two of our favourite radio programs on KPFA, Caroline Casey’s Visionary Activist Show, and the Herbal Highway with Karyn Sanders.

First, on the Visionary Activist Show on April 26, Caroline and I talked about the moving, changing world of the planets and their alignments and influences at this time. I talked about some of the Spagyrics I rely on for balancing the planetary archetypes, such as Devil’s Club for Mars and the right use of power, Calamus for Mercury’s quickness, cleverness, and communication, and Sacred Lotus for the compassionate and discerning Lunar energy of Quan Yin.

To listen to the archive of this show, go to Caroline’s site – and while you’re there, be sure to explore Caroline’s website and learn about the important and fascinating work she does as a Visionary Astrologer.

On May 10, I was a guest of Karyn Sanders on her show, the Herbal Highway. Our discussion focused on the healing uses of Spagyrics, including our new Solomon’s Seal Spiritualized Essence, which we donated as a pledge premium. We also talked about how we got into this work, and we explored our Oils of Amber in detail, talking about their special extraction process and what each of the five kinds we work with is used for.

To listen to the archive of this program, go to the KPFA site to play it in your browser, or download it for later. And if you are in the Bay Area, or listen to KPFA online, consider making a pledge- they’re a great station!

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