We’ve been really enjoying working with all the precious woods lately, and we have a new variety of Agarwood to share, as well as another Sandalwood Spagyric.

If you’re new to the intricate and wonderful world of Agarwood, take a look at our first article about this special wood, and this followup about the last set of Spagyrics we made. The newest in this collection is a Spiritualized Essence of Agarwood from Laos.

aglaoLaotian Agarwood is sweeter than the others, and barely tastes bitter at all. It is beautifully aromatic on the tongue, tasting of woods and resin, and carrying the same deeply sacred quality all Agarwoods have.

Energetically, the Laotian is calming, even a little sedative, quieting to the mind and easing the flow into very profound meditation like a plunge into deep, still waters.

If we had to give it a connection to a specific practice, we would say it is the most “Zen” of the Agarwoods, it’s that emptying to the mind.

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Sandalwood is something we’ve offered as an Alchymical Initiatic for some time, popular for clearing out the so aptly named quality of “monkey mind”, stilling the thoughts with a hush.

The Sandalwood Magistery has this same effect, bringing serenity and a clear mind, but it is not as emptying to the thoughts as the Initiatic.

As with all our Magisteries, the Sandalwood is about the archetypal planetary energy it carries first and foremost, and then about the shading of that energy by the specific plant it was created from. In this case, the planet is Mercury, ruling quickness of thought, clarity of mind, and the connections that happen between ideas.

So, while the Sandalwood Magistery does clear the mind of chattering and distracting thought, it also clarifies and focuses intentional thought, so that the mind is sharp and clear, rather than dulled by stillness.

This can have a wonderful integrating effect, easing reflection on whatever the meditation is focused on and allowing a synergistic connection between ideas, energies, or the facets of a situation.

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