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Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away, and although it can be a silly and perhaps shallow holiday of candy and cards, it can also carry meaning and be a chance to energize your love life.

Spagyrics of supportive herbs can help increase libido, support energy and function, or just connect with your love in a more sensual and enjoyable way. So, playing Cupid’s helpers here, we’ve selected some of our favourite Spagyrics for romance and put them on sale at 20% off.

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Damiana is a classic herb of sexuality, native to Mexico and the desert regions of the Southwest. In Mexico, a liqueur of Damiana (which comes in a wonderful goddess-shaped bottle) is a traditional wedding gift, bringing balance to the new couple in two ways.

Our Damiana Nectar of Love is aphrodisiac for both men and women, increasing blood flow to the sexual organs, while also increasing skin sensitivity, making touch more intense. Damiana also tones and protects the sexual systems of both men and women, and has a rejuvenating and tonic effect.

For more targeted support, whether for rebuilding the system or just a quick boost, consider our two Love Ens Formulas.

Love Ens Yang was designed for men, to increase the fire and drive, and to support the health of the male sexual system.

For women, we created Love Ens Yin, which brings heightened sensuality, calm vitality, and an increased feeling of closeness and relaxation.

If your physical love life is happy and balanced, we also have Spagyrics to help you and your love take your connection to a higher level.

Our new Mayan Lovers Somalixir is our simplest formula: just Cacao and Vanilla. But the way these two magical ingredients combine creates a powerful synergy, a balanced combination of fiery passion and deep love which is luscious and rich like the flavour of this Somalixir.

Many of you are already fans of our Heart Opener Somalixir, another Cacao-based combination. To the chocolaty base we added tow Magisteries of Venus to open the heart chakra to true devotional love, and a little of our Gemstone Oil of Ruby to bring fire and strength of Will to the heart. This is a wonderful Spagyric to open communication, connect more deeply, and radiate an energy of openness and kindness.

For the purest expression of the Venus energy, our Magistery of Rose is one of our best beloved Spagyrics, and for good reason. Roses are the classic plant of love, and wherever they grow, they are revered as the plant realm’s highest achievement. Our Rose Magistery is created through a year-long process, and is the very essence of all that is lovely about this powerful plant.

Our Rose Magistery is opening to the heart, creating both devotion and desire, and bringing the awareness into perception centered in love and grace.

May your Valentine’s season be filled with love, your Springtime with passion, and your life with sensual happiness!

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