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Inspired by my recent presentation to the Venus Circle, and by the upcoming energy of Valentine’s Day, as silly as that holiday can be, we’re having a sale on Spagyrics of Venus!

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We’ll start with the most Venus Spagyric we work with, and the Queen of Flowers, our Rose Magistery. Roses are the quintessential plant of love, given to those we care about (or wish to!), and their scent and signature speak of the heady energy of Venus. Their very shape mirrors the orbit of the planet, and the energy of this Magistery is perfect for all expressions of love.

Couples can enjoy it together, or try taking it solo if you’re hoping to attract more love. It’s also a great support for artistic expression and creativity, so try it before painting, singing, dance, sculpture- anything that would be supported by a stronger Heart connection and the grace and beauty Venus brings.

Heart Opener is one of our most popular Somalixir Formulas, and it is easy to see why. It’s delicious, combining the Rose Magistery and Cacao for its base, but with a bit of fire and passion mixed in from the Oil of Ruby we included.

Heart Opener is a fun blend for romantic connection, and it can also be useful for more platonic connections with others, and for maintaining an open-hearted outlook of kindness in all your interactions.

We also work with Cacao by itself and as part of another Somalixir Formula, Mayan Lovers.

The name of that Somalixir comes from an ancient Mayan story about a beautiful girl who was consecrated to a temple, but fell in love with a young boy and ran away with him.

When the priests found the couple, they killed them and cut out their hearts, throwing them on the ground. His heart grew into a Cacao tree, and hers became a Vanilla orchid, entwined around him.

An interesting aspect of this story is found in the names the girl is known by- in the beginning, she is called Morning Star, and when she becomes the Vanilla orchid at the end, she is then known as Caxixanath, which means “Hidden Flower”.

Like the shape of the Rose, a sacred signature of Venus is preserved in this legend, since that planet is known as the Morning Star in part of its orbital cycle, which in its entirety, draws a flower across the sky, which we can only partially see.

Vanilla and Cacao are often culinary companions, since they taste wonderful together, but they also balance each other energetically.

Cacao, whether in the Mayan Lovers or as an eroSoma Spagyric by itself, carries the brain chemistry of passion, infatuation, and desire; stimulating and addictive like new love.

The chemistry of our Vanilla eroSoma is closer to that of nursing mothers, and is a love of devotion, nurturing and calm strength. Together, they balance each other like the two original lovers, entwined forever in the forest.

Our next Venus Spagyric is another herb that was valued by the ancient Maya, and is also well-known in modern usage.

Damiana is a shrub that grows in the subtropical regions of the Southwest, from southern Texas through Central America. In Mexico, it is made into a lovely aromatic liqueur that is sold in a voluptuous goddess-shaped bottle, and given as a traditional wedding gift.

Our Damiana Spagyrics are not sweetened like the liqueur, but they are deliciously aromatic and carry Damiana’s energy of being stimulating and languid at the same time.

Our eroSoma Damiana is the more aphrodisiac and stimulating of the two, and greatly increases skin’s sensitivity to touch, as well as making movement more pleasurable. This has obvious applications, and outside of that, it’s also great fun for dancing.

We also work with Damiana as an Essence, for more physical healing effects on the sexual systems and the urinary tract. Urinary tonics might not sound very sexy, but one reason that the liqueur is given at weddings is to protect the couple from “honeymoon cystitis”, the irritation that can lead to infection, caused by a newly-active sex life.

Finally, coming back to my Venus Circle talk, another herb we work with as an Essence and eroSoma pair: Shatavari.

The Vedic name of this asparagus root means “she with a hundred husbands”, as it is considered that strong of a female rejuvenative. It is used as a tonic for all phases of women’s lives, from young girlhood through puberty, pregnancy, motherhood, into menopause and beyond.

Like Damiana, our Shatavari Essence is also healing to the urinary system, from the kidneys down, but Shatavari’s effect is moisturizing and soothing, while Damiana is more hot and dry. This makes Shatavari very helpful in painful infections, and its moisturizing effect is also a real blessing for the dryness of menopause.

Our eroSoma Shatavari was created at the Spiritualized Essence level, which carries the intelligence of the plant as well as its healing properties, and I find Shatavari amazingly visionary in a literal way.

It is not psychedelic, and does not create hallucinations, but it is the most powerful Spagyric I’ve worked with for creating the state of heart-mind linkage called “coherence”, which results in a deeper but more gentle perceptual ability, as discussed in Stephen Harrod Buhner’s beautiful book, The Secret Teachings of Plants.

I call this opening of soft peripheral perception “forest vision”, and by creating this mode of seeing, Shatavari has led me to many plants I was looking for or needed to work with. When your vision connects both to the heart within you and the natural world around you, activities like gardening and wildcrafting become more rewarding, productive, and sacred, and that connection to the green intelligence radiates out from you back into the green world.

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