Note that this sale has expired; we’re leaving the post up so that the information about these Spagyrics is available. To see what’s currently on sale, click here.

It’s definitely summer out there, maybe it’s hot or warm where you are, or cool and windy like it is here on the coast. Either way, the sun is shining, people are traveling and having fun, and there are still many more weeks ahead for adventures.

For our summer sale, we’ve put together a group of tonics to support your health and vitality through this season, based on what we reach for in the garden, while hiking, on the road, and more. Read on for more information, or click here to go right to our sale page.

Whether we’re at home or away, it seems that more energy is what’s needed this time of year. Sometimes it’s to get through the last bit of a hike so we can chill by the campfire, while other days, we’re pushing ourselves to finish a garden project. Besides eating well, drinking enough water, staying out of the sun if it’s too hot and just generally trying to pace ourselves, we rely on a few Spagyrics for that extra shot of oomph.

On the milder side, working more like the foods they are, are our Goji Berry Essence and Superfoods Somalixir.

Goji is a balanced tonic food berry, delicious in trail mix or as a snack, and even more vitality-supporting as as Spagyric. It’s full of antioxidants, amino acids, trace minerals, and much more vitamin C than oranges. It is also full of polysaccharides- sweet molecules that are the foundation of many important tonic such as Ginseng (which is also on sale!).

Goji is also high in anti-inflammatory constituents, so taking it can help you work a bit harder than you’re used to, while also preventing soreness and injury from the push. Plus, our Goji Essence has a great cheering effect on the mood and mind, which is always welcome.

Goji is a key player in one of our tonic formulas, our Superfoods Somalixir. It’s just what the name sounds like- a Spagyric of our favourite superfood tonics. This formula also has Acai, another delicious nutritive berry, Bee Pollen for its vitamin and amino acid content, and Schizandra, a tonic berry from Chinese medicine that’s a strong boost to energy and overall wellness.

Schizandra by itself is also on sale, and our Spagyric processing really brings out its complexity carrying all five tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and pungent. It is equally well rounded in tonic effect, balancing all three treasures of Qi, Jing and Shen. Our Schizandra Spiritualized Essence has a dramatic energy-lifting effect almost comparable to caffeine, but with tonic support to the adrenals so that lasting energy is built over time, and not depleted.

Another powerful tonic and support to vitality is Red Ginseng, another polysaccharide-rich herb and a root known in Chinese medicine as an adaptogen. Adaptogenic herbs act in balanced ways, adjusting the body’s responses in whatever direction is needed so as to support vitality without creating imbalance. It helps the body respond to stress of all kinds, and works to balance nearly all hormonal systems in men and women, making our eroSoma Red Ginseng a valuable general and sexual tonic.

A lesser-known food plant also used as a tonic is Moringa, an amazing tree native to the Himalayas and India. Grown for the use of all its parts, from the polyphenol-rich roots to the nutrient-dense leaves, to the seed pods, seeds, and their oil. All parts of the tree are packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein, and they are a significant food source which is easy to grow in difficult and arid lands.

As a Spagyric, Moringa’s energy-increasing effects take prominence, with our Spiritualized Essence of Moringa creating a feeling of power and cheer even in the midst of long hours of hard work. We rely on it for the tedious hard tasks of landscaping such as mowing and weed-pulling, and we find it really extends our working time without causing depletion or strain.

For a sharper tool to battle fatigue, Guayusa might be a good choice. Related to Yerba Mate and sharing its stimulating properties, we find Guayusa to be equally helpful for a quick lift, but with less of a crash than Mate. It does contain caffeine, but is also full of the same healthy compounds as in green tea, with some of its stimulate/relax combination qualities.

In its native Ecuador, Guayusa is paradoxically considered a dreaming herb, as it promotes lucidity and control while in the dream state, and good recall and integration when awake. We like our Guayusa Initiatic for the long lazy mornings of a camping trip, aligning with the Kichwa ritual of using it in a group to discuss the dreams of the night before and the plans for the day.

For your morning wakeup (or later in the day, too) try our Rise & Shine Somalixir. Created from the multi-Spagyric cocktail we lined up each morning at fairs and events, Rise & Shine lifts the body’s energy, sharpens the mind and clears out fog and tiredness, and cheers the mood and heart for the day’s work.

Once your energy, mind, and mood are ready for the day, it’s time to think about the body and protecting it on active days.

If your summer plans include work or play at altitude, or if you’re focusing on your Yoga or other movement practice, breath and oxygen transport are crucial.

For greater energy and less physical stress at altitude, Cordyceps is rightly famous as a tonic to the lungs as they bring in oxygen, and to their ability to more efficiently send that oxygen into the blood to be used as energy.

The effects of our Cordyceps Essence can be felt from one breath to the next, with the chest seeming to expand and open while the muscles relax and become more flexible and strong. Many find that it supports more activity than is usually possible, while preventing the side effects of high altitude such as headaches and agitation.

Cordyceps is joined by several other herbs in our Prana Somalixir, a formula created to support the sacred aspect of breathwork. One of this formulas key plants is Sweetgrass, known as an incense, and which we find to be strongly connected to the energy of Prana or Qi as it flows through the lungs. This Somalixir creates a sensation of the air breathing you, with subtle energies flowing effortlessly through you in the practice of Pranayama, Yoga, Tai Qi, Qi Gong, and similar disciplines.

Of course, no matter how hard we try to be smart and balanced, we always end up overdoing it at least once a summer, and that stress can show up in the body as pain and inflammation. When yesterday’s activities threaten to ruin today’s planned adventures, we find relief in a few Spagyrics.

For joint pain and inflammation, the American tonic root Solomon’s Seal is a wonderful ally. Balanced and intelligent in action, it seems to know when more structure is needed, and also when relaxation is called for. Sweet and rooty tasting, our Solomon’s Seal Spiritualized Essence has gotten us up and going on days that started with feeling too sore and stiff to move. It works even better if you take it before exertion, and it’s a good long-term tonic for all kinds of structural problems.

For pain specific to the lower back, we recommend Eucommia, the bark of a rubber tree used in Chinese medicine to strengthen the connective tissues and support the back. The flexible but strong stretchy rubber latex that forms in the inner bark layer is considered a signature of the qualities of healthy sinews and ligaments, and our Eucommia Spiritualized Essence supports that strength and fights pain and inflammation in both short and long-term use.

Finally, for a simple all-over painkiller and anti-inflammatory, we like Yarrow for its aspirin-like compounds supported by cooling and inflammation fighting essential oils. To me, Yarrow is the herb of camping, and I’ve written about that in my latest Weed Love article.

I rely on this lovely and widely-available herb for knee pain in particular, which our Essence of Yarrow knocks out in minutes for me. It’s also a strong anti-infective and good ally for cold and flu season, so consider getting some now to use whenever its gentle strength is called for.

Happy summer to you, wherever the season takes you, and may your adventures be fun and rewarding!